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December 17, 2012 12:29 ET

The Dental Office of Dr. H. Arthur Missirlian Reminds Patients to Exhaust Insurance Deductibles Before Year End

FORT COLLINS, CO--(Marketwire - Dec 17, 2012) - Fort Collins local dentist Dr. H. Arthur Missirlian and his team want to remind patients to make dental appointments before the staff leave for the year on December 20, 2012. The Dental Office is expected to book appointments very quickly before then. It is typical for patients to make last minute visits before the first of the year to get the most out of their insurance plan.

Dr. Missirlian says, "The holidays can be a stressful time of year for everyone, but we strive to make our patients as relaxed as possible throughout their appointments and procedures. It can save our patients money if they go ahead and get those appointments out of the way before the first of the year."

The average PPO dental plan will pay for about $1500 worth of dental work each year. If you have a large amount of dental work to be done, such as root canals or bridges for teeth, it may work for your insurance plan to split it up in two different calendar years by scheduling appointments in December and January.

Dr. Missirlian and his staff especially recommend that patients make an appointment before December 20 if they have a maximum left on their insurance for this calendar year. If patients are not sure if they have a maximum left or not, they can simply call the front desk to speak with a staff member and they will help customers figure out how much they can spend in the remainder of 2012.

If patients need a minimal amount of work done, like one treatment or another cleaning, visiting the office in December could also help them save money. Starting at the new calendar year, patients may have to pay more in co-pays because they have not yet met the deductible for 2013. January is usually a tight month thanks to the holiday season, so it is a practical solution to meet that deductible later in 2013 when budgets are looser. It is easier to simply take advantage of the deductible already met in 2012.

According to a 2012 ADA report, cost is the main reason people skip their local dentist visits. However, emergency room visits cost 10 times more than preventative check-ups. There is also more inconvenience and aching in an emergency situation then with getting a root canal at your dentist or oral surgeon. Open enrollment for new patients is available at the office, so new patients can take advantage of increased savings from preventative care and even the benefits of December appointments.

Dr. Missirlian and his team of qualified staff treat every patient with kindness, respect and integrity. With hundreds of positive online reviews and testimonials, The Dental Office of Dr. H. Arthur Missirlian is Northern Colorado's premier dental practice. Dr. Missirlian performs a wide variety of dental work including: tooth fillings, same-day crowns and root canals. For more information on the local dentist or to make an appointment, call (970) 267-0993 or visit

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