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March 02, 2016 13:11 ET

Denver-Based ArtHouse Design Completes Comprehensive Environmental Graphic Design, Wayfinding, Theming, and Donor Signage Program for Golisano Children's Hospital

ArtHouse Design Team Wows Rochester, New York With Innovative, Interactive, and Experiential Environmental Graphics, Wayfinding, Theming, and Donor Signage for the New Golisano Children's Hospital

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2016) - ArtHouse Design (, an award-winning, Denver-based graphic design studio offering branding, theming, wayfinding signage programs, and environmental graphic design services worldwide, announced it has completed a comprehensive environmental graphics, wayfinding, theming, and donor signage design program for Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester, New York. Featuring 52 private rooms and 68 neonatal intensive care units in 245,000 square feet, the new, 145-million-dollar Golisano Children's Hospital showcases ArtHouse Design's capabilities in developing creative, colorful, inviting, and functional environmental graphics, wayfinding, theming, and donor signage for children's hospitals.

The Golisano Children's Hospital design team included: Ballinger Architects (building architecture & interiors) and ArtHouse Design (theming, wayfinding, environmental graphics).

A part of the University of Rochester Medical Center complex, the Golisano Children's Hospital is located in a new, eight-story addition connected to the Strong Memorial Hospital.

"The graphics and theming that ArtHouse Design incorporated into the new Golisano Children's Hospital is like nothing seen before in children's hospitals," said Marty Gregg, ArtHouse Design principal. "From wall-embedded dioramas that children can crank to make elements move to interactive, wall-embedded lighting toys that change as children push and pull them to actual areas designated as experiential play areas, Golisano Children's Hospital is now the gold standard for what can be done to create a warm, welcoming environment for sick or injured children and stressed out parents," he said.

The vibrant environmental graphics feature images and icons relevant to the geography of upstate New York. For example, each level of Golisano Children's Hospital features color and graphics related to Lake, Meadow, Glenn, Garden, Park, and City. The corresponding environmental graphics on each level help adults and children navigate the hospital using color and hand-drawn graphic icons that create a distinct sense of place for each level. Unique design elements for the Golisano Children's Hospital crafted by ArtHouse Design include:

  • Custom-designed, backlit nurses station desks that are artful, warm, and inviting white cubes with etched, glowing panels;
  • Back-lit, floor-to-ceiling graphics & photographic murals;
  • Interactive, kinetic games embedded in the walls for children to interact and play with;
  • Vibrantly colored, five-foot-diameter graphic icons that identify the level in elevator lobbies;
  • Wall-embedded dioramas;
  • Glass walls with patterns that feature grass, flowers, and water patterns;
  • Whimsical wall graphics inside exam and treatment rooms that are designed to minimize the emotional impact and visibility of imposing medical equipment;
  • Interactive play areas for different ages within the hospital;
  • Carpet graphics that complement the theming;
  • Special designs for neonatal intensive care rooms that look and feel like a nursery; and more.

ArtHouse Design crafted the environmental graphics and theming at Golisano with multiple, complementary layers of graphics to create interest and a new experience every time a child or parent is in the hospital, according to Mr. Gregg. "There are so many inviting, interesting layers to the environmental graphics and signage that patients and visitors see something new every time they visit the hospital," he said.

Donor signage at Golisano Children's Hospital has been designed with a children's hospital. For example, a wall-mounted donor signage area within the hospital was crafted in a rainbow of candy colors appropriate for a children's hospital.

Denver-based ArtHouse Design has a growing body of innovative environmental graphics, theming, wayfinding signage, and donor signage developed specifically for children's hospitals. "It's well documented that artful environments help the healing process," noted Mr. Gregg. "The ArtHouse Design team is thrilled that we get to use our graphic design skills in children's hospital environments because, at the end of the day, somebody walks away feeling better as a result of our design work."

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Founded in 1996, ArtHouse Design is a Denver-based, full-service graphic design firm that offers strategic consulting, and graphic design services including: architectural graphic design, branding and logos, city branding, real estate project branding, environmental graphic design, wayfinding system and building signage design services, branded environments, comprehensive wayfinding signage master plans, and signage construction administration services for clients worldwide. Martin ("Marty") Gregg is a founding principal of ArtHouse Design. He holds more than 25 years of experience as a graphic designer and creative director, and has been a member of the advisory board to Colorado State University's design department. In 2002, Mr. Gregg was named to the Mayor's Committee on Vital Signs for the City and County of Denver, on which he continues to serve. He also speaks nationwide on design issues to a wide variety of audiences. ArtHouse Design can be reached at: 303.892.9816, or

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