SOURCE: Xcelerated Debt Relief

May 15, 2007 09:00 ET

Denver Credit Counseling Firm Launches Campaign to Educate, Promote, and Empower Consumers With Consumer Debt Management Tools

DENVER, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- Xcelerated Debt Relief (available at has begun a Colorado open-project initiative to teach consumers about financial management and to provide debt management resources in an effort to assist Colorado residents with excessive monthly payments and interest rates. The President of Xcelerated Debt Relief remarked, "There has to be a point at which individuals and policymakers put an end to unfair and deceptive credit card practices. On one hand, the media and individuals are clamoring for more regulation and on the other, politicians are cementing the role of credit cards throughout state-sponsored outfits."

In an effort to aid struggling Colorado consumers, Xcelerated Debt Relief's new organizational plan will include the following for qualified residents:

--  Free review of the individual's monthly budgetary condition
--  Recommendations for addressing priority & non-priority unsecured
--  Waiving of any introductory set-up fees for residents that decide to
    commence a credit counseling plan to stop harassing collection phone
    calls, ease monthly payments, and immediately reduce interest rates
In recognition of its efforts, Xcelerated Debt Relief hopes that local media outlets, business, and professional organizations will help promote its awareness message by enabling individuals to understand the risks of uncontrolled credit card spending and its detrimental fiscal consequences. The company manager noted, "This is not an issue that people can compartmentize and hope to address later when their balances have accrued, their interest rates have skyrocketed, and they are then under the impression that bankruptcy will save them. We have created a safe and efficient framework to help each Colorado resident with their credit cards and medical bills. This is simply the best deal around for people in a precarious position."

In an effort to counteract the institutional power of credit card companies, Xcelerated Debt Relief further announced an effort to not only offer a new free supply of extensive knowledge for consumer in the bankruptcy reform era, but also to lobby the Colorado state legislature and national representatives to compel credit card companies and their principal banks to initiate comprehensive reform policy and to provide a table for negotiating new practices and institutional changes.

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