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May 16, 2017 08:00 ET

Denver Tech Company Creates Device That Can Add Satellite Radio to Nearly Any New Car

New Satellite Radio Adapter Uses Reverse Engineering to Enhance Car Radios

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - May 16, 2017) -  SiriusXM® satellite radio is a popular service with millions of subscribers, yet nearly 25% of new cars don't have SiriusXM® as an option. VAIS Technology has reverse engineered the interface for millions of car radios, creating a device that can add satellite radio to the factory radio, LCD screen, or infotainment system on these vehicles.

"We estimate that 20-25% of new vehicles are sold without any built-in compatibility for SiriusXM® satellite radio," says Eugene Kaspin, President of VAIS Technology. "For years, consumers have had to hack together a bunch of different devices to add satellite radio to these vehicles. Our new device is different -- we connect directly with the software of the car radio or infotainment system, integrating satellite into the native user interface, with near universal fitment."

There are many ways to add SiriusXM® satellite radio to a car radio that doesn't have a built-in tuner. One of the most common methods is to use an external satellite tuner that mounts on the vehicle dashboard alongside an FM modulator. While this setup is popular, it does not integrate into the factory stereo system and sound quality is compromised.

"When someone wants to add satellite radio to their car, they usually end up with a somewhat clunky setup. First, the satellite radio signal is transmitted to the factory system over FM radio. Then, to control the satellite radio station, a stand-alone controller is usually mounted on the dash," says Kaspin. "This setup has a lot of problems, but the biggest is that consumers can't use their factory radio and steering wheel controls to browse channels, categories, or presets. Not only is that cumbersome for the consumer, but it presents a safety issue as well."

Known as the GSR-U01, the new satellite radio adapter from VAIS Technology integrates directly with the factory radio or infotainment unit on most new vehicles. Because the GSR-U01 interfaces with the OEM radio, consumers can control satellite radio using factory radio, LCD screen, and steering wheel controls. The GSR-U01 is compatible with most vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler America, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Subaru, Porsche, Nissan, Land Rover, and Mazda.

"It wasn't easy to develop the GSR-U01. We spent a tremendous amount of time reverse-engineering factory radios, learning how to get our software to 'talk to' the various OEM software platforms," says Kaspin. "The GSR-U01 leverages a simple firmware update system, which ensures that we can stay on top of the software updates as automakers roll out new models with new radios."

The new GSR-U01 device requires professional installation, so it is currently only available from VAIS Technology dealers and new car dealerships. To learn more, visit to contact your local VAIS Technology dealer.

About VAIS Technology:
Founded in 2003, VAIS Technology is a Denver, Colorado tech company offering a wide variety of devices that interface with factory radio systems. Backed by extensive engineering and testing, all VAIS Technology products are built to meet or exceed OEM standards, as well as seamless "like factory" functionality. VAIS products are proudly designed, engineered, and produced in the USA. Visit to learn more.

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