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April 18, 2012 16:25 ET

Deploy Apps Faster to Middleware & Cloud Environments With Deployit

Enhanced Security, Comprehensive Reporting and .Net Integration Among New Features Added to XebiaLab's Deployit Product

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - XebiaLabs, the leading provider of enterprise-class application release automation (, today announced the addition of new features to its Deployit product. The new features include enhanced enterprise-class security in the GUI, application release pipeline reporting and the addition of Microsoft .Net integration.

The new features further enhance the usability, security and scalability of the product. The Microsoft .Net plugin confirms Deployit as the most scalable deployment automation solution on the market and the product's fit for large enterprise deployments.

"Deployit has evolved into a comprehensive deployment automation tool that meets the deployment needs of larger enterprises through scale, security and automation best practices," says Coert Baart, CEO of XebiaLabs. "We have watched deployment automation tools evolve in the market and we are certain that our Autoflow-backed Automation Platform is the most mature deployment automation methodology on the market."

"We are excited to launch this latest version of Deployit. The team has worked hard to understand exactly what is the optimal deployment automation solution to enhance Continuous Delivery, DevOps, ALM and Cloud Strategies," says Oonagh O'Regan, VP of Marketing, XebiaLabs.

According to a Gartner report by Ronni J. Colville, intelligent application release automation (ARA) tools help to minimize the risk of human error and add reliability. They also provide transparency for all of the stakeholders involved and, more importantly, limit downtime and ensure faster delivery to the end user.

With ARA, specialists no longer need to write scripts. There are no more headaches when you scale out environments. Deployit handles downgrades and partial upgrades just as well as installations and full upgrades. Intelligent ARA is capable of handling multiple application deployments across projects: something that not only executes your app deployment but is also capable of automated planning.

XebiaLabs will showcase Deployit at the IBM Impact event April 30 in Las Vegas, at booth E-9 and urge interested companies to see a demo of the product. For more information please visit

Summary of New Features:

- Release Dashboard
The Release Dashboard gives real-time insight into an application's progress through the deployment pipeline. You can easily keep track of which version runs where and which conditions must be met before a version can be promoted to the next environment. Deployit enforces that a deployment to the next stage in the pipeline is only allowed when these conditions are satisfied.

- Microsoft .NET plugin
Deployit now deploys to Microsoft .NET just as easily as to Java EE middleware. Now you can use Deployit to implement one best practice for all deployments, company-wide.

- Composite Packages
Many companies have applications consisting of separate components developed by independent teams. At some point during their lifecycle, the components are packaged together to form the final business application. Using composite packages, components can be packaged and deployed together, forming a new application version. The composite package has its own deployment lifecycle and pipeline, making it a first-class citizen in Deployit.

- Orchestrators
Orchestrators give deployers fine-grained control over the deployment plan. By choosing an orchestrator for your deployment, you influence in what order components are deployed to target middleware to achieve, for instance, a high-availability deployment. Orchestrators are also pluggable so Deployit extenders can create their own.

- Enterprise Deployment Information Management & Security
We've given you additional flexibility and control to organize your Applications and Environments across business units, technologies or functional teams. Simplified security management makes it even easier to control and securely partition your deployment activities.

Deployit already contained a sophisticated security system. Now, the maintenance of security permissions is improved as well. Use the GUI to display and maintain security permissions. In addition to these features, you'll notice many small improvements to the Deployit GUI, all designed to make working with our product as easy as possible.

Watch a 2-minute video of Deployit 3.7:

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XebiaLabs is the leading provider of enterprise-class application release automation solutions. XebiaLabs' flagship product, Deployit, automates Java EE deployments in an enterprise environment, allowing organizations to manage any IT environment by predictably executing and automating their Java application deployments. Deployit has 'out of the box' content for all major middleware stacks such as WebSphere, Microsoft .Net, WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat and cloud environments like VMware, Red Hat and IBM but also with Built and Provisioning tools like Maven, Jenkings, Hudson, Bamboo, Puppet and Chef. XebiaLabs was founded in 2008, and currently serves various customers in 15 countries around the world. Headquartered in the United States, XebiaLabs is an international company with development and sales offices in France, Germany, Netherlands and India. In other countries, XebiaLabs works through a network of local representatives. For more information, please visit

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