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August 28, 2012 04:00 ET

Depression Relief for Illness and Obesity Affected Individuals Can Be Found With Medical Restoration Centers of America

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - Aug 28, 2012) - For many individuals, obesity is a problem that not only negatively impacts their physical health, but one that can also lead to serious self-esteem and mental health issues. Medical Restoration Centers of America (MRC America) offers real solutions to multi-faceted health issues.

Studies show that obese individuals are 25% more likely to experience a mood disorder. It can lead to self-isolation, body image issues, and low self-esteem, which are all known contributors to depression. Often, depression leads to over-eating, which leads to an unhealthy cycle of weight gain and sadness. In fact, Harvard University Medical School released a report in June 2012 concluding that 90% of all depression cases could be treated more efficiently with the use of dietary changes and Omega III vitamins. 

MRC America seeks to help individuals experiencing depression and obesity by combining a multiple faceted approach to help break the cycle and to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Since obesity and depression can both stem from the other, MRC America offers both counseling services and nutritional products.

However, unlike many other weight loss plans, MRC America doesn't believe in fad diets or pills. Instead, they encourage a holistic medial approach that focuses on getting individuals off of their medications (which often have unhealthy side effects) and instead going back to doing the things they love. The MRCA weight plan focuses on healthy lifestyle and foods that are high in protein and rich in vitamins. By avoiding sugars and unnecessary carbs, the body will instead burn fat. In addition, diets which are high in protein and low in fat lead to an increase in energy and mood. This sort of healthy lifestyle is paramount in MRC America's diet and depression therapy plan. 

While undergoing the diet plan, customers also participate in phone or in-person counseling. Discounted packages are available for customers who are buying food as well, but counseling is also available for individuals who don't wish to partake in the MRC diet and obesity plan. MRC America's professional staff has a combined total of over sixty years of experience in the medical field, which means that diet and therapy plans are customized to uniquely match the customer.

MRC America is a leader in the industry of medical approaches to disease reversal and weight loss. Some of the diseases that MRC America provides support for include diabetes, chronic pain, mood disorders, cancer along with many others. Consult your doctor before changing your diet plan. For questions about obesity contact MRC America at their website or by phone 1-888-943-2189.

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