DEQ Systems Corp.

DEQ Systems Corp.

October 22, 2009 09:00 ET

DEQ Releases EZ Pai Gow and Installs Two Tables at Barona Resort & Casino

LEVIS, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 22, 2009) - DEQ Systems Corp. (TSX VENTURE:DEQ) ("DEQ" or the "Company"), a leading provider of table game bonusing, jackpot and loyalty solutions, announced that it has officially released EZ Pai Gow, a patent pending no commission Pai Gow game, and that two tables have been operational for four months at Barona Resort & Casino in San Diego, California.

"When DEQ said they had another no commission product for us, we were immediately interested as EZ Baccarat has been a big success," said Michael Patterson, Vice President of Table Games at Barona Resort & Casino. "Players love no commission and the added side bet has seen great action since we put EZ Pai Gow on the floor. Players immediately migrated to the no commission EZ Pai Gow tables as they had done when we installed EZ Baccarat and we have had rave reviews from our players since we installed them."

"Barona has been an incredible partner for choosing, analyzing and rolling out games for us," stated Earle G. Hall, President and CEO of DEQ. "Their methodological process of analyzing a game including player's acceptance is truly state-of-the-art and a rarity in this industry. We feel very privileged to have such a partner to help us get best of breed products to the market. We are quite impressed with the orders that have come in from current EZ Baccarat clients such as Ameristar after its debut at Barona Resort & Casino and we are excited about the promising future of this second EZ product."

Brian Doerr, Table Games Analyst at Barona Resort & Casino, explains: "EZ Pai Gow is, quite simply, Pai Gow that utilizes the barred hand concept. Once again, the simplicity of the logic is key. The conventional form of Pai Gow is strictly adhered to with two exceptions. First, there is absolutely no physical commission and the advantage to no physical commission is substantial. The increase in hands per hour makes a significant difference. Just as in EZ Baccarat, EZ Pai Gow retains the value of commission by pushing all base game wagers on a Queen's Dragon hand (i.e. when the banker's best 5-card hand is a Queen High). Just as in EZ Baccarat, the player is actually hoping for the barred hand to hit. By shifting the focus on the possibility of a large payout when placing their side bet that the barred hand will occur, EZ Pai Gow players scream with excitement every time they pay their commission."


EZ Pai Gow is a revolutionary method of accelerating the speed of Pai Gow poker by eliminating the 5% commission on winning hands. The commission is replaced by imposing a push when the dealer gets a Queen High Pai Gow (Queen high hand). Players can side bet on the occurrence of the dealer's Queen high Pai Gow and the side bet is trademarked as the "Queens' Dragon™". This side wager pays 50 to 1 and creates an additional way for the player to win and a new revenue source for the casino. The EZ Pai Gow methodology and the Queen's Dragon bet were created by Dan Lubin of Lubin-Jones, LLC. These methods are protected within the scope of Lubin's no commission Pai Gow intellectual property portfolio.


Founded in 1998, DEQ Systems Corp. (TSX VENTURE:DEQ) is a leader in the table game bonusing technology field. DEQ's patents, products and features include side bet bonusing games with progressive and random jackpot prizes, slot machine style mystery bonusing, multiple credit and denomination betting flexibility, dealer hand betting, electronic credit bank, electronic rake, baccarat hand tracking, multimedia animation and sound effects. DEQ has an extensive patent portfolio that is recognized in more than 50 countries such as the USA, Macau, Australia and Canada. DEQ's bonusing solutions and products are present in more than 200 casinos in over 30 countries. For further information, please visit

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