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October 13, 2014 11:19 ET

Des Moines Marketing Firm Changing Traditional Notions of Sales/Marketing: Focuses on Growth

DES MOINES, IA--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2014) - Stability, Atmosphere, and Growth Opportunity are basic goals that every employee hopes to have in their respective career field, but with an increasingly difficult job market many are forced to settle for positions they are overqualified for with a low ceiling for growth. At a time when the national unemployment rate is still seemingly high at 6.2%, Kirstein Communications has flourished as a leader in the promotional advertising and marketing industry. Kirstein Communications is a nationwide marketing and customer service agency that has not only thrived in these harsh conditions, but has become one of the fastest growing and successful direct marketing agencies in the entire Midwest. The company attributes their growth to their principle objective: To develop stronger relationships between clients and potential consumers by utilizing a more personalized and informative approach to marketing. 

A leader in the direct marketing field in areas such as customer service, brand management, sales, and client acquisitions, Kirstein Communications is poised to not only continue its success into the fourth quarter but expand into new regions across the country as well. Developing new locations in multiple regions has allowed Kirstein Communications to open up new positions nationwide ranging from entry-level marketing to experienced account managers and directors. 

Company President Gary Fatino and CEO Lindsay Kirstein credit their success to the quality of products but more importantly their unique approach to sales and marketing and their relentless effort to proven results for their clients. President Fatino states, "In 2014, we expanded our marketing and sales campaigns nationwide. We have been working to create new accounts with multiple providers in the television, technology, and retail industries, however; we have maintained as well as strengthened our existing client relations." CEO Kirstein continues that, "The success of our clients regardless of economic conditions is due to the high demand of premium products in the home entertainment industry as well as our unique way of introducing these products and promotions to consumers. Our approach to sales and marketing is something customers cannot get anywhere else." 

With high demand products and a unique approach to marketing, Kirstein Communications is poised to continue its success and is continually setting higher expectations in terms of growth. President Fatino reiterated that their expansion has lead to creation of new opportunities for professionals and the firm continually seeks distinctive individuals with a dedications to growth. He states. "As far as success goes, there is no fast or easy way to do it. Hard work, dedication, and attitude are the only ways to have and do things that most cannot."

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