September 23, 2015 15:24 ET

Design Hotels™ and GuestDriven Drive Mobile Check-In for Member Hotels

Mobile check-in drives a frictionless guest experience and creates a new, proven revenue stream for the global, brand-focused Design Hotels™ members

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sept. 23, 2015) - Established partners Design Hotels™ and GuestDriven continue to work together to drive the hospitality industry forward, one authentic experience at a time. The partnership continues to grow by providing mobile check-in to member properties of Design Hotels™, delivering an enhanced experience through branded mobile touch points.

Design Hotels™ guests are a unique group seeking personal enrichment through travel, art and culture. Part of the magic of a Design Hotels™ experience is attributable to the fact that hotelier members or owners and their guests actually share this characteristic. As experiential travel trends upward in an evolving market, this organic notion gives the group a competitive edge.

Design Hotels™ also seek to remain aligned with prevalent technological trends that fit their mission. Their guests are mobile first (99% bring one device, 40% bring at least three) and are often willing to go over budget when they find hotels matching their personal tastes, delivering a personalized service. The perfect digital channel is therefore one that carefully respects the importance of brand and seamless experiential travel, while facilitating that critical commercial connection between the guest and the hotel.

A live example of this synergy is at the SKT Petri, part of Nordic Choice Hotels and a five-star Design Hotels™ member in Copenhagen. Mobile check-in with GuestDriven Express was launched at SKT Petri this April. Guests begin their check-in in advance of their stay, through a simple mobile-optimized process (guests are often in transit at this time). They confirm their personal details and gain access to an inspired collection of upgrades and offers to enhance their stay.

Express has enabled SKT Petri to ensure its luxury offerings are taken advantage of during the stay, and that the intended experience transpires. On the business side, Express check-in has converted 20% of guests to a purchase. Upon launch the hotel began to see monetized check-ins the same day; a key advantage of Express, cited by GuestDriven CEO and co-founder Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin.

"GuestDriven Express is a 'plug-and-play' solution for hotels to deliver branded, seamless mobile check-in to their guests", says Zebrowski-Rubin.

Serdar Kutucu, VP of Brand, Marketing and Communication for Design Hotels™ says its important for modern hospitality brands to craft unique experiences that stand out from the competition.

"When such great efforts are taken to craft each Design Hotels™ experience, the ability to successfully merchandise elements of that experience to the guest becomes crucial. We see Express has delivered this to the market."

GuestDriven also works with other Design Hotels™ members including Hotel St. Paul in Montreal and the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico - which form part of the wider GuestDriven customer portfolio. GuestDriven will be in attendance at this year's Design Hotels™ Arena conference in Athens, to showcase Express to the Design Hotels™ member community.

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