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February 08, 2007 09:30 ET

Designed for Quality Engineers in the Retail Industry, SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) Released Today by SiberLogic

SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) Helps Vendor Quality Managers and Test Labs Get High Quality Products on the Shelves Faster

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 8, 2007 -- SiberLogic, a leading provider of innovative XML content technology, today announces SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition), the next-generation quality engineering and requirements management solution for retailers.

The quality engineering challenge

Quality engineering is a critical process in many retail organizations, especially those producing private label products. Yet, despite automation and innovation in many retail processes, some tasks are still undertaken manually. Product requirements are often cut and pasted from sources such as previous requirements, vendor information, etc., with the inherent risk of introducing and distributing information that is out of date or incorrect. Because product requirements form the basis of acceptance/audit criteria and reporting for incoming products, any such errors will result in product testing against invalid requirements.

Further compounding the quality challenge, individual product requirements can be frequently and regularly updated -- and any requirement revision must be reflected in every document that contains that requirement. Many requirements are common to an entire product line. Thus, updating one common requirement may entail manually changing that requirement in a large number of existing test specifications.

The SiberSafe Definer solution

Now, SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) delivers outstanding benefits to vendor quality managers and quality engineering teams that need to:

--  Specify/manage product requirements
--  Produce/maintain acceptance criteria and acceptance test reports
--  Produce/maintain audit criteria and audit test reports
By streamlining the requirements management and QA processes for incoming products, SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) dramatically accelerates product testing and introduction and eliminates costly product requirements inaccuracies.

SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) delivers its benefits via a unique and tightly-integrated blend of four technologies:

  Product modeling: SiberSafe Definer leverages semantic web standards RDF
  and OWL to capture and consolidate product-related information into a
  formal product model. Product requirements, test/acceptance criteria,
  and more are automatically generated from the model.  Each element of
  the model is dynamically linked to documents that contains it so, if an
  underlying product feature or requirement changes, that change is
  reflected in acceptance criteria, audit report templates, etc.

  Automated workflow: SiberSafe Definer's collaborative, configurable
  workflow management module automatically routes quality engineering and
  product requirements tasks to the relevant team member for action.
  No tasks are ever forgotten or overlooked -- for example, a
  previously-accepted product that needs to be re-tested as a result of a
  requirements change.

  Content/document management: SiberSafe Definer's mature and feature-rich
  content management technology handles product requirements access
  control, versioning, revision history, traceability, and much more.
  Popular, industry-standard authoring and publishing tools provide a
  straightforward way to customize the look and feel of requirements
  specifications and acceptance criteria.  And, because SiberSafe Definer
  generates quality engineering documentation in open-standard XML format,
  its longevity and its compatibility with downstream systems is assured.

  Single-source publishing: SiberSafe Definer enables the quality
  engineering team to create and maintain all acceptance criteria and
  reports from a single source of product requirements.  Product
  requirements need only be captured once, and can then be used in a
  variety of ways to meet the specific criteria of the team and the
"As retailers' margins come under ever increasing pressure, the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality engineering function can provide a definite competitive edge," says Alex Povzner, SiberLogic CEO.


SiberSafe Definer (QE Edition) is available immediately. Pricing starts with a minimum five-user concurrent license.

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About SiberLogic

SiberLogic is a long-time leader in the development and innovative application of content and knowledge technology. Widely recognized for our pioneering work on XML content management systems, we continue to deliver robust, feature-rich, standards-based solutions to some of the world's largest, most prestigious, and most demanding organizations.

SiberSafe Definer, built from the ground up to address the needs of Product Definition and Requirements Management stakeholders, internally leverages some of the technology developed for SiberSafe CMS, a mature and versatile XML content management system, and SiberSafe Knowledge Modeling, a ground-breaking application of next-generation semantic web standards.

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