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DesignHuman Colectiv

March 06, 2012 08:00 ET

DesignHuman Colectiv Puts Power & Quality in Mobile Headphones With +KNOB ICE Amplifier

RocketHub Project Seeks Backing to Bring Powerful Headphone Amplification and Quality Sound to Music Lovers Worldwide

HOLLYWOOD, FL--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2012) - Many music lovers are frustrated by the fact that the performance of their high-end headphones suffers from the limitations of their mobile devices. Hollywood, Florida-based DesignHuman Colectiv has designed a solution to the problem.

The +KNOB ICE mobile amplifier restores the highest quality and best performance to headphones designed for use with iPhones, iPads, Androids, nano and other mobile systems -- while limiting power usage even as it delivers as much as eight hours of performance from its rechargeable batteries.

The +KNOB ICE incorporates some of the industry's top technology, including:

  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology, with near lossless signal reception
  • Wireless induction charging
  • Texas Instruments induction charging chips, which eliminate plug-in charging

"Music lovers do so much of their listening today in mobile environments," said Raul Chinda, president of DesignHuman Colectiv. "They should not have to settle for sub-standard quality because the native systems in their mobile devices are incapable of delivering the full power they expect. With the +KNOB ICE, they will get the same performance that so excited them when they tried out their headphones for the first time in the store."

The +KNOB ICE is expected to retail anywhere between $150 and $180, depending on the finishes chosen, but the first 100 people to pledge $100 will have the opportunity to receive a +KNOB ICE Limited Edition. Other contributors will receive the following:

  • Pledge $29 and receive an amp module.
  • Pledge $120 and receive one +KNOB ICE amplifier.
  • Pledge $240 and receive two +KNOB ICE amplifiers.
  • Pledge $500 and receive four +KNOB ICE amplifiers and an amp module.
  • Pledge $1000 and receive ten +KNOB ICE amplifiers.

More information on investment opportunities is available at or contact Raul (at) for more details.

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