February 12, 2007 13:14 ET

DESIMPLEX and PANAMERSA Corporation Joint Venture to Bring $70 Million in Projected Growth Across Four-Year Period

PANAMA CITY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 12, 2007 -- DESIMPLEX is pleased to announce their new joint venture with PANAMERSA Corporation/PayPro Incorporated (PINKSHEETS: PYPR), a holding company promoting the commercial integration of Latin America into the economic development of the Western Hemisphere. This partnership, expected to bring future revenue of $70 million in the next four years, is an exciting venture for both companies involved.

"This joint venture will make it possible for us to realize the growth in services we want to provide to our clients," said DESIMPLEX CEO Juan Carlos Rodríguez Contreras. "Our offices are primed to help us create new product and generate higher sales of our product lines, HOLDING®, PENSUM® AND VISUALIZA®."

With corporate headquarters in Panama and office locations in three international cities, DESIMPLEX, along with their sales organization EIS Consulting, is currently providing software solutions to Latin American and European clients with a second phase of growth moving them into the U.S. and Canadian markets. DESIMPLEX products are based on high-quality technology, customization of processes for the client, and the best practices for solutions in software engineering. Growth is anticipated to move into five continents with two released product versions per year and a new product line every year for the first five years of growth.

DESIMPLEX currently provides solutions to many clients, including Banco Continental de Panamá, Scotiabank, Bladex, Global Bank, Banistmo, Paribas, Cuscatlan, Banco Mercantil (Venezuela), Banco del Caribe (Venezuela), Banesco (Venezuela), Telefónica de Panamá, Petróleos Delta, Nestlé, Cable & Wíreless and employs more than a hundred people, thirty of which are involved in research and development, expected to bring Future 500 partner. Consultants involved with DESIMPLEX hold more than twenty years of experience and have worked across the globe, most notably in a research capacity at some of the largest corporations in Spain, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Chile, Italy, Panama and the U.S.

"PANAMERSA is excited to join with DESIMPLEX," said PANAMERSA CEO Mike Terrell. "Their commitment to the Latin American market is in line with our missions and beliefs and furthers our opportunities to faster growth while creating sustainable protection of the Earth's flora, fauna and water resources."

For more information, please visit or contact one of the
offices listed below:
Corporate Headquarters: World Trade Center, 10th Floor, Ofic 1001,
                        Calle 53-E Marbella, Ciudad de Panama
Venezuela: Parque Cristal Building, 11th Floor, 11-04 Caracas, Venezuela
Madrid:    Paseo La Castellana, 141, Cuzco IV Building, 20th Floor
Barcelona: Gran Via Carlos III, 84, 3rd Floor
DESIMPLEX , a solutions supplier, specializes in the development of software to facilitate the automation processes of control management. DESIMPLEX offers products to streamline the areas of performance evaluation, surveys and questionnaires, financial consolidation and accounting. The company is a result of the combined experience of more than ten senior consultants who understand the needs of clients. Solutions are easy to use and offer simple implementation, while maintaining high functionality. More information can be found at

PANAMERSA Corporation/PayPro Incorporated (PINKSHEETS: PYPR) is a holding company for a group of business enterprises that promotes the commercial integration of Latin America into the economic development of the Western Hemisphere. PANAMERSA Corporation/Pay Pro Incorporated is engaged in global e-commerce and e-biz solutions offering interactive e-commerce and e-biz programs in addition to a range of goods and services online including: prepaid Debit cards; e-commerce merchant accounts; life insurance policies, gold transactions; telephony services, text messaging, VoIP, MicroForests properties, real estate investment participations, fixed and variable income real estate properties in Costa Rica and Panama, offshore financial services, asset management and protection; travel services, leisure, business, health, relocation services, and digital marketing services. More information can be found at Contact Office 214-774-4874

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