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September 21, 2011 16:16 ET

Desperate Alternatives Are Sought as Florida Bed Bug Population Continues to Rise

New Techniques Prove Futile in the Fight to Safeguard Homes

ST. PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 21, 2011) - Over the last ten years Florida bed bugs have experienced a population explosion. Experts cite the rise of targeted pest treatments combined with a lack of knowledge concerning bed bugs as the cause for this dramatic increase. With infestations quickly spreading, many people are experimenting with drastic extermination alternatives.

Until the past decade, bed bugs have not been a serious problem in the country since the 1940s. A chemical called DDT was commonly used to fight insects such as bed bugs, until it was banned in the 1970s. Later, more environmentally friendly pesticides such as carbomates and organophosphates came in to use, which effectively stifled the bed bugs growth. More recently, pesticides have become much more targeted, allowing professionals to address specific pest problems in individual homes. Although more economical, this trend has allowed bed bugs, which often go unnoticed by homeowners, to flourish across the state. With infestations at unprecedented levels, some homeowners are seeking alternative pest control methods.

Commodity fumigation has grown in popularity, as many consider it a cheap fix to a serious problem. This method involves converting closed bed trucks into sealed fumigation chambers. Homeowners can fumigate individual pieces of furniture at a fraction of the cost of tenting. Unfortunately, this method often proves ineffective as bed bugs persist in carpeting, drapes, clothes and luggage that are not introduced into the chamber.

Another method that has gained notoriety is a "convection oven" style heat treatment. This involves sealing off parts of an infested room, then introducing heaters and fans to raise the room temperature to 113 ºF. This kills off bed bugs and leaves most clothing and furnishings undamaged. Again, this method often fails because not all parts of the infested room reach that temperature.

With infestations at a record high, one cannot afford to experiment with unproven methods. Experts agree that the best way to safeguard your home against bed bugs is with regular inspections by pest control professionals.

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