Desperate Seller

Desperate Seller

September 30, 2011 08:29 ET

Desperate Seller's Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Car Quickly

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2011) -

1. Clean your car professionally

A professional clean may be more expensive than running your car through the local garage car wash, but it can add more value to used cars. Be sure to you have the engine cleaned also, and if you have the budget, purchase new floor mats. Make the car look like it has just rolled off the showroom floor.

2. Top those fluids up

Ensure both your windscreen washer and radiator fluids are both topped up, and think about having the oil changed a week or so before you sell the car. If potential buyers pull the dip stick, the oil will look fresh, and the car will give off the impression it has been cared for.

3. Tax it

Whilst you might be looking to offload your motor before both the MOT and road tax are due for renewal, if they're low it is likely to act as another block between the buyer and the sale. Consider getting both done, it will ensure the quality of the car, and will allow you to command top dollar for your motor.

4. Paperwork

Make sure you have it all. Document ownership and maintenance, full service history, information on repairs, accidents, etc. Also, why not save your buyers time by throwing in an HPI check for added security.

5. Photos

Take photos of your car from every angle. If you have had the engine detailed, snap that too! Use a decent camera, and look to take photos either early morning or evening for the most flattering light.

6. Description

A smart, well written description is key to getting the buyers to pick up the phone. Be honest; mention both the pros and cons of the vehicle. Be accurate with your information such as make, model, year of manufacture, odometer readings etc. You will find an honest ad generates far more responsive and genuine potential buyers.

7. Price it right

An unrealistically high price will obviously dampen your chances of a quick sale, but equally too low a price, and you will be inundated with time wasters. Make sure you do your research to ensure you are selling your car at a competitive price.

8. Show it off!

List it in the right places online, not necessarily the biggest. Look for the sites that re-advertise your car in multiple places to reach a wider audience. Also, park your car in a prominent place with a clear advert printed in the window.

9. Be available

It is all very well advertising your car to the masses, but if the masses try and get in contact, and you are not available, what was the point? If you cannot be available on your mobile during the day, mention this in the ad – perhaps leave an email address. Either way, be sure to respond to questions as soon as possible, when the interest is high.

10. Let the buyer test drive the car

Getting the buyer behind the wheel to get a feel of their new car is a key part of the sale. But do not let them test drive it alone. Make sure they are insured to drive it, and agree that you are the navigator on the expedition.

Follow these top 10 tips and you should have a wallet full of cash in no time!

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