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September 21, 2010 09:50 ET

Despite the Popularity of Dental Implants, PerioHealth Professionals™, Houston's Smile Engineers™, Do Everything Possible to Save Their Patients' Natural Teeth

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) -  PerioHealth Professionals, Houston's Smile Engineers, say that despite the increasing popularity of dental implants, every effort should be made to save a patient's natural teeth.

What's more, the principals of PerioHealth Professionals, Michael K. McGuire, DDS and E. Todd Scheyer, DDS, MS, stress the importance of carefully evaluating all of a patient's treatment options, especially when it comes to considering surgical procedures, such as tooth extraction and dental implant placement.

"There is a widespread misconception among the general public that extraction and implant surgery are quicker and more convenient than undergoing the periodontal therapy that can actually save their natural teeth," explains Dr. McGuire.

Traditional periodontal treatment, including non-surgical and surgical techniques, has very high success rates1-3 when followed by good professional and personal care.4,5

"Implant surgery is not a 'no-maintenance' alternative to preserving your natural teeth," says Dr. Scheyer. "Many people aren't aware that even dental implants require proper oral hygiene to prevent bone loss and implant failure, which is more common than many patients realize."6

While implants do provide a useful option for patients whose natural dentition cannot be saved, sustained progress in the dental specialty of periodontics has made tooth preservation more attainable. For example, recent scientific advances in regeneration have made restoring lost gum and bone tissue more predictable than ever7-8. According to Dr. McGuire, "It's critical that patients are made aware of all possible treatment options, and that a clinically proven approach is taken to determine the best possible course of treatment, which may or may not be dental implants."


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