January 22, 2008 14:08 ET

Despite Weak U.S. Dollar, Skyrocketing Oil Prices, Ballooning Inflation, and Looming Recession, U.S. Companies Not Only Survive -- but Thrive -- Using Automation Software From MJT Net

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - As the U.S. economy continues to tumble amidst a variable cyclone of negativity ranging from a weak U.S. dollar, high oil prices, rising inflation, a plummeting stock market, housing market fiascos and political uncertainty -- many small businesses and larger corporations are finding financial relief in automation software. By implementing Windows automation tools such as MJT Net's Macro Scheduler (, many U.S. companies have been able to combat rising costs and falling sales by increasing efficiency while substantially boosting productivity and becoming more competitive. Racing to adopt new technology, many U.S. companies are saving both time and money -- enabling them to not only survive -- but thrive.

"By implementing Macro Scheduler from MJT Net Ltd. on every computer at our company we have saved at least eight hours each day performing processes that were previously carried out manually," said Dick Lockey, Information Systems Manager at Iowa Laser Technology, Inc. "At an average department charge-out cost of $40 per hour that's a saving of $320 each day -- which translates to over $75,000 per year, and allows more efficient use of human resources. These improved efficiencies made possible by Windows automation translate into benefits for our customers too, by reducing lead times and freeing up resources to work on what really matters -- providing high-quality services to the manufacturing industry," concluded Lockey.

"We are pleased our industry-leading computer automation tool specifically designed for automating Windows applications -- Macro Scheduler -- is providing much needed assistance to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies during these tough economic times," said MJT Net Ltd's CEO Marcus Tettmar. "The 34 new features and 15 improvements offered in our newest release -- Macro Scheduler 10 -- reinforce our position as the market leader in the Windows automation tools category."

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Founded in 1996, MJT Net Ltd is a global developer of automation tools for Windows headquartered in London. Their main U.S. reseller is San Jose, California-based Plimus, Inc. With more than 30,000 companies utilizing Macro Scheduler technologies, MJT Net has become synonymous with software automation and automated testing.

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