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September 17, 2013 13:44 ET

Destination Vacations 365 Warns of Tourist Scams

MEMPHIS, TN--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Travelling the world is among the most exciting endeavors an individual or family can experience. Whether you want to go backpacking through Europe, sail the Mediterranean, or get an up close look at the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, travel can bring you closer to your loved ones while opening your eyes to a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, tourist scams are prevalent in many industries. Destination Vacations 365, the premier travel club, offers some tips on staying safe while on holiday.

Keep an Eye on Your Luggage
You may have no choice but to hand your suitcases over to the airlines, but once you're off the plane, keep your luggage nearby. Sleight-of-hand artists and distraction experts may try to get their hands on your bags, stealing them before you know what's happened.

Check Your Bill
Americans are accustomed to glancing superficially at the restaurant or hotel bill, paying it, and moving on. If you're in an unfamiliar country, however, it pays to give the bill a second glance. Make sure the prices match up to those quoted on the menu and that you haven't been charged for anything extra.

Watch Your Credit Cards
Credit card fraud grows by leaps and bounds every year. Even with credit card companies doing everything they can to implement counter-measures, the smart criminals are usually a step or two ahead of the game. Don't let your credit card out of your sight, even for a moment, or you could be asking for trouble.

Street Scammers and Pickpockets
Certain countries are rife with street scammers ready to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. The best of these scammers and pickpockets have honed their skills to a fine point, making it difficult for even skeptical travelers to realize what they are until it's too late. Be on constant guard when it comes to people you meet randomly in the street. Not everyone is trying to outright steal from you, but most are trying to get you to part with your money in some way or another.

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