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March 17, 2011 20:01 ET

Destiny Solutions Group Offers 5 Questions to Ask About Your Business Plan

Phoenix Firm Offers Business Planning Opportunities for New Entrepreneurs

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - March 17, 2011) - Destiny Solutions Group, a leader in all-cash business planning, offers five questions for would-be entrepreneurs who are interested in formulating a viable business plan. Destiny Solutions Group provides advice and counseling for people who are interested in owning and operating business interests that can provide a secure financial foundation in just a few hours per week.

Do your goals complement each other and your mission? Many business owners lose sight of their goals while trying to operate a business for the first time. Analysis of business operations show that the business owner's goals compete with each other, or don't align with the mission of the company. The end result of this dissonance is lost productivity and lost profits. Destiny Solutions Group can help new entrepreneurs align their business goals and mission to help maximize profitability in the early stages of a business operation.

Are you prepared to handle threats to your financial stability? Recent tough economic times have revealed that few people have planned their financial futures well enough to withstand the shock of loss of employment and loss of income. Moreover, few people have a viable plan to replace lost income, even though significant entrepreneurial opportunities that don't require substantial up-front investments and large time commitments are readily available.

Do you know your customers? A successful business plan must identify the business' customers, their needs and their buying motivations. Business plans that don't or can't identify these three key pieces of information have little opportunity to succeed. Destiny Solutions Group can assist entrepreneurs with identifying their customers, the customers' needs and their buying motivations, and tailor plans to help expand the customer base and deliver excellent customer service.

Are your forecasts accurate? All businesses work to some extent on business projections. In a business plan, it's important to be able to forecast correctly. Destiny Solutions Group offers significant experience in assisting you in preparing your own forecasts to be in alignment with your goals. Our experienced advisors can offer the guidance entrepreneurs need to stand behind their growth forecasts.

Are you ready for change? Going from working in someone else's business to owning your own business can be fraught with indecision. Destiny Solutions Group can help you determine whether you're ready for the changes that come with being your own boss, running your own business and creating a successful and solid financial future. We can also help you see the changes that may affect how your business operates, and how you can adjust to these quickly and confidently.

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