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Yuckinator Clean Sheet Detective detects semen & urine residue in hotel rooms with UV black light

September 29, 2009 10:40 ET

Detect Semen and Urine Residue on Hotel Bed Sheets With the "Yuckinator" -- a Pocket-Sized UV Light That Gives Everyone the Power of "CSI Technology"

HARTFORD, CT--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - The ABC News Primetime investigative report "What's Hiding in Your Hotel Room?" --
-- opened America's eyes to the dirty secrets that can reside in even "5-Star" hotels and resorts.

And now someone is offering a way for consumers to defend themselves:

Inventor and entrepreneur, Eric Knight, is known for many creative ventures -- including some that are literally "out of this world." (See But this time he has launched something a little more down to earth: A way for anyone to detect semen and urine residue on hotel bed sheets.

Knight calls his company's device the Yuckinator™ Clean Sheet Detective --

"Like many people, I enjoy traveling," Knight said. "But, as ABC News and others have uncovered, it's hard to know what's really on bed sheets, pillow cases, rugs, or any surface inside of a hotel room. So I was determined to give hotel guests some insights."

"The Yuckinator contains a miniature UV 'black light' L.E.D. bulb that lets anyone be a 'CSI'-like detective in their hotel room. Detected semen and urine residue glow bright when illuminated with UV light."

"Whether you're paying $50 a night for a hotel room, or $300 a night, at the very least you should get clean sheets. You shouldn't have to mingle with the 'activities' from previous guests."

"With the Yuckinator, now anyone can have peace of mind when they curl up in bed."

What to do when possible semen or urine is detected:

Politely contact the hotel manager and bring the situation to his or her attention. Ask for the bed coverings to be changed. Or, if the residue is on something immovable, like the room's rug, ask to be relocated to another room.

Battery-powered mini-light simply clips on a keychain. No airport security restrictions.

The Yuckinator is no bigger than popular L.E.D. keychain lights. It can be tossed into a purse or bag. And there are no airport TSA restrictions.

Ultra low cost. Just $14.95 for ultimate peace of mind for travelers.

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