SOURCE: Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

September 29, 2015 03:00 ET

Devastated Foreclosed Homeowners Rejected for Loan Modifications Win Trustee Sale Reversal Decisions Through the Help of the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2015) - Although the Media appears to spot light many other issues all over the world, we continue to have a serious housing problem in our Country today. Many homeowners who may have received only temporary relief years ago are once again faced with unsustainable mortgage payments and are still unable to obtain a new mortgage due to tight credit restrictions and or lack of equity often both.

After the U.S Governments National Mortgage Settlement agreement with the few remaining Mortgage giants that was partially brought on by the discovery of major Bank Fraud and signature forgery on various legal documents that according to the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates Director of Legal Services; Attorney Peter Nisson a USC graduate licensed in California to practice Law since 1974 says, "Those same very questionable if not illegal business practices are still prevalent in a lot of the home loans consumers are having challenges with today, the Governments National Mortgage Settlement didn't seem to cure those illegal banking practices."

"Homeowners are encouraged to take a deep hard look into their home loans to see if they have any legal rights against the current owner of their mortgage and the companies that service those home loans. Often people don't realize that recent or prior actions by their lender who may have foreclosed or is threatening to foreclose on them are doing so illegally and if caught in time, can be stopped even completely reversed." Attorney Nisson continues, "Mr. Perez from Los Angeles contacted us on 7/21/2015 with a Trustee Sale scheduled for 7/23 at 9:00 a.m. Fortunately we were able to get our full free package out to his lender by 7/22 and we were able to get his lender to postpone the Trustee Sale for 30 days. His lender helped us expedite the review of our free Loan Modification package to secure a Trail Loan Modification payment of only $837.00 a month from the prior $1,543.00 a month that he couldn't afford prior; we received the Trial Plan on 8/04/2015, less than 30 days. If he hadn't called us he too would have been foreclosed upon."

Attorney Nisson adds, "Not everyone is as fortunate as Mr. Perez; sometimes we need to recommend that our client engage one of our many State Bar Licensed Attorneys in the State our Client resides in to obtain a Judge's order stopping the foreclosure sale and in some cases even reverse the sale to get the property back into our Clients name as in both recent cases with Mr. Azimie Civil Case # 56-2015-00465873 and Mrs. Hernandez Civil Case # TC028202, both were tough cases because the lender simply refused to help and both were sold at the Auction to an innocent 3rd party buyer. In both these cases we had enough evidence of lender wrong doing and both the Foreclosure Auction Sales were reversed with the homes given back to our client. Contacting us early before you are in trouble is always best. Regardless what you've been told before, there is always something that can be done to get you into a better situation than you were in before you called us."