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June 11, 2012 14:27 ET

Devcon Security Announces Geo-Services Feature

Geo-Services Lets Customers Know When They Leave Home Without Arming the System

HOLLYWOOD, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 11, 2012) - Devcon Security, a residential and commercial security provider servicing a customer base of nearly 300,000, today announced the launch of Geo-Services technology, powered by This free service enhancement allows customers to preset geofences, radiuses around one or more locations, through the use of an iPhone or Android device. The technology sends reminders to users' iPhone or Android devices to arm their security systems when arriving in or exiting the preset area.

"With industry technology evolving so quickly, there are many great services available to home security customers," said Kristen Clark, Vice President of Marketing for Devcon. "Customers sometimes leave their homes unprotected even though they have a security system in place because they don't arm it, putting them in harm's way. This new feature and the convenient one touch app is another layer of protection for users. Devcon is pleased to offer this feature."

After creating the geofence, users customize automatic geographic and time-based arming reminders that are sent to their handheld device when the preset radius is entered or exited. Users can enable this feature through the latest iOS app (v2.1), and the latest Android app (v1.4).

Once this technology is enabled on the customer's account, a default geofence is set up around the system address; users have the option to create additional geofences as well. Arming Reminders, tailored to the customers' individual needs, are then created for each geofence. Customers can specify dates, times, and the recipients of the reminder. To preserve the battery life of the phone, minimizes the use of GPS and relies on cell towers where possible to provide accurate location information.

"This is the first of many planned releases with the new Geo-Services Technology, and is a built-in feature for any residential Interactive Services account," said Rebecca Davenport, Senior Product Manager. "Geo-Services will expand in the future to include other types of location-based rules and notifications. We are excited to provide this simple, effective service to Devcon customers."

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