November 07, 2005 12:05 ET

Developers Leverage SpeeDEV's Application Development Lifecycle Solutions

SpeeDEV Introduces Integration of Multi-Entity Application Development Lifecycle Management With Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Microsoft SQL Server 2005

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- SpeeDEV, Inc., a leading provider of collaborative development lifecycle management solutions, today announced that SpeeDEV 4.8, the forthcoming version of its industry-leading application development lifecycle solution for end-to-end software product and project management, will be integrated with the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. By integrating these products, development houses now have a powerful tool to better design, manage, and complete projects throughout the application development lifecycle.

The integrated products save time and increase productivity by allowing development houses developing on Microsoft .NET Framework-based technologies to include their software designers, architects, developers, and testers to participate in complete development lifecycle management from within their native Visual Studio 2005 Team System interface. Additionally, SpeeDEV boosts performance, scalability, reliability, productivity, and manageability because it upgrades database support from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. Expected benefits in reliability come from using new mirroring and peer-to-peer replication technology. Development productivity occurs because of the tight integration with Visual Studio 2005 Team System and support of Common Language Runtime (CLR) components and other new development tools.

100% Web-based, Flexible Solution for Distribute Teams

SpeeDEV addresses preferences by architects, developer and quality assurance communities for a more integrated interface to the integrated development environment (IDE) of choice, like Visual Studio 2005 Team System. SpeeDEV's new add-on product empowers critical stakeholders in the lifecycle of software development by allowing them to participate in SpeeDEV's industry-leading Lifecycle Process Automation system without leaving their favorite and highly optimized development environment. With SQL Server 2005 as the database, the solution allows deployment of multiple peer-to-peer replicated databases in several locations where each database manages the local data and hence improves the performance and reliability.

"Users of Visual Studio 2005 Team System, such as architects, developers, testers and project managers, will benefit from the integration of SpeeDEV's Development Lifecycle Automation system as it brings the capability of development process management to a familiar interface," said Prashant Sridharan, group product manager of the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp. "SpeeDEV's use of Microsoft technology has shown the long-term commitment of the company to develop its enterprise solutions benefiting from Microsoft's superior technology platform and collaborative vision."

"No matter who the stakeholder or group in the development lifecycle, our goal is to bring the full power of SpeeDEV solutions to our customers' most natural development interfaces," said Bipin Shah, CEO of SpeeDEV, Inc. "From day one, and irrespective of their location, the new integrated product will better facilitate engineering teams to take part in the software development process. And due to SpeeDEV's powerful process automation and features supporting collaboration for both Visual Studio 2005 Team System and SQL Server 2005, it will be most useful for the companies doing outsourcing, offshore development and compliance implementation."

"The two-way integration utilizes the highly flexible Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 application program interface (API) and Web services of Visual Studio 2005 Team System which makes it possible to deploy the SpeeDEV server anywhere in the world. Simultaneously customers can still process, manage and track all development entities including Requirements, Use Cases, Test Cases, Issues, Risks and Helpdesk Tickets in addition to any other user defined entities," said Sky Basu, CTO of SpeeDEV, Inc. "We are impressed by Visual Studio 2005 Team System's open architecture for integrating additional solutions because it enriches the user experience and collaborative aspect of Visual Studio 2005 Team System."

The new product add-on to SpeeDEV's Enterprise Solution will be available for general release in first quarter of 2006 with some additional functionality to be announced later. For more information about SpeeDEV's Application Development Lifecycle solutions visit The complete SpeeDEV enterprise suite is available in various configurations and with a price that starts at $13,000.

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Milpitas, California-based SpeeDEV provides software engineers and project managers with the tools they require to efficiently and effectively design, manage and complete software development efforts. SpeeDEV operates in a completely Web-based environment to promote the free exchange of information and project team participation. SpeeDEV is the only commercial browser-based development lifecycle automation solution for local or remote software development collaboration, available as enterprise software. For sales information, contact, 1.866.SpeeDEV or visit

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