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December 14, 2009 09:00 ET

Developing Effective Habits in 2010 Begins at Goalforit

In Time for the New Year, Premier Goal Site Offers Free Habit Charts That Enable People to Create Successful Daily Routines That Help Achieve Goals

CLAREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2009) -, an online resource that offers a variety of free solutions to help members manage and achieve their goals, today announced the release of its Habits & Daily Goals Chart.

Goalforit's Habits & Daily Goals Chart provides a simple way to develop the effective habits and daily goals that create successful lifestyles, especially for the New Year.

"From personal experience, I have found that creating effective habits is essential for success, as it is the power of these habits that has helped myself and other people achieve goals," said Michael Murdock, chief executive officer of Goalforit. "Our Habits & Daily Goals Chart is a practical, simple, powerful solution that is easily implemented into a person's everyday life."

Ideal for both adults and teens, Goalforit's 2010 Habits & Daily Goals Chart offers the following:

--  Fully Customizable Charts: With over 140 different chart themes to
    choose from and more than 60 effective habits and daily goals. Custom
    habits and goals can be created.
--  Interactive Charts: Managed either online or in a print version.
--  Status Progress: Easily tracked and reviewed for both habits and
--  Reward System: Allows users to assign points to habits and goals for
--  Privacy settings: Charts are only accessible from a member's account
    and cannot be viewed by other members of the site.
--  Extremely easy to use, fun, and Goalforit's Habits & Daily Goals
    Charts are 100% free.

Other free tools and features offered from Goalforit include:

-- Chore Chart (for children 4-12): Parents can create a custom chore chart and behavior charts that are the fun way to teach kids proper behavior, manners, responsibility and healthy habits, all essential for giving kids a solid foundation for their future.

-- Goal Tracker: A simple to use application that allows users to set specific goals and action plan steps.

-- To Do List: Users can easily create and keep track of all types of lists, daily tasks and routines so they can get organized, manage priorities and get things done.

-- Community: Members can share their personal experiences and knowledge and create personal networks consisting of family and/or friends to provide mutual support, motivation, and the opportunity to work together in overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements. All tools on Goalforit can be set to private if the user chooses.

About Goalforit

Goalforit is a free online resource to help people set, manage and achieve their goals. By providing easy-to-use practical solutions, the Web site enables people and communities to master the art of getting the right things done simply and effectively, bringing more focus and personal success into their everyday lives. Users can search by category and subcategory to find organic information for goal-specific research. By creating individual networks, consisting of family and/or friends, users are equipped with the essential ingredients in achieving their goals: support, motivation, and the opportunity to work together in overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements.

Goalforit is for people who want to bring more focus and personal effectiveness into their everyday-lives.

*Users must be 13 or older to register on the site. Parents leverage the Kids' Goal & Chore Chart through their own individual accounts.

Goalforit! does not display any profiles or goals for people under the age of 18, regardless if they choose to make their profile public. Users 13 and older must first link to the parents' profile and network so that their parents begin receiving updates on their goals.

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