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July 12, 2010 12:57 ET

DevHub Turns Serious Website Building Into a Fun Game

SEATTLE, WA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2010) -  EVO Media Group, Inc. has announced the launch of its 'gamified' version of DevHub (, a popular website building platform. By turning the process into a game, DevHub now makes it fun, engaging, and rewarding for users to build useful, money-generating websites.

DevHub creator and EVO Media Group CEO Geoffrey Nuval explains, "Millions of people are hooked doing nothing online; they spend hours of their day playing games on sites like Facebook to grow virtual crops or recruit a click mafia. What if all those hours of play were actually spent creating something of value, while still entertaining you? That is what DevHub offers its users. You can play through it for just a few minutes a day and when you're finished, you know you've contributed to something tangible -- your own website -- an asset online that you can point your friends to, refer customers to, or make money from. Imagine that... a game that pays you to play."

So how does DevHub work? You first start out choosing a game track, which builds a specific type of website. Current options include a small business site, a blog, a hub to place all your Web assets, or a site to promote products. Previous bloggers can even import their old blogs from other platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad. After selecting a track, you are then placed into the editor wherein the DevHub game kicks into full gear. A Site Guide greets and leads you through the creation process in the editor, giving you Experience Points and DevHub Coins for the tasks you accomplish. These DevHub Coins are later redeemable for tools, templates, and merchandise in a Marketplace. Players can also earn Devatars, the resident characters of DevHub, by completing certain tasks in the game or by discovering certain secret clues online (such as this article... keep reading!).

To help users better conceptualize the entire site-building process, websites are represented in the game as actual buildings that progressively grow or decay and are populated by the Devatars. As players continue through the game and their buildings level up, they are actually creating sites online that have the potential to earn real money. To make this cash, users are guided by the system to create unique, useful content and then to integrate ads, products, and other offers provided by DevHub partners such as Amazon,, Priceline, and Superpages. Not to be confused with DevHub Coins, these actual dollar earnings are reported to users on a daily basis and real checks are sent out to DevHub users on a monthly basis.

What problem does DevHub address? New blogs and websites are created everyday but as time passes, many of these sites lay vacant or dormant across the Web. People who have tried building websites or blogs often start off with great ambitions but they usually stop short due to technical barriers, cost issues, or plain boredom. DevHub addresses this problem by making it simple, easy, and fun. The purpose of the game layer on top of DevHub is for users to stay constantly engaged with building out their sites. "We want to be the hub for all your value-add activity on the Web... from your blog to your social media activity to your online business," says Mark Michael, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of EVO Media Group.

Is DevHub just for beginners? Daniel Rust, DevHub's Chief Architect explains, "DevHub was made to make site-building easy for a beginner, but it also has the flexibility and hook-ins for the advanced or pro user. The game elements of DevHub can be easily switched on and off to allow for unobstructed, rapid site creation. We also have a software development kit (SDK) available for programmers to create their own modules and a template system that web designers can create their own CSS templates on. DevHub also has tight integrations to Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow for easy syndication of the content you create. Despite the flashiness of the platform, there is a very advanced system running underneath the hood."

Since launching the 'gamified' version of on July 7 at 7:07pm, the platform now has over 35,000 active users building out their own Online Media Empire. For reading this entire article, DevHub is providing readers the following secret link to sign up on DevHub: Users who sign up via this link will receive a Limited Edition Devatar as well as 1000 coins. This special link will self destruct on July 17, 2010... Game on!

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