SOURCE: Author Heather Huffman

Author Heather Huffman

August 07, 2012 14:36 ET

'Devil in Disguise' a Page-Turner Spotlighting Human Trafficking

SAINT LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - Aug 7, 2012) - Activist and novelist Heather Huffman ( finds a new twist for an issue close to her heart -- human trafficking -- in her newest novel, "Devil in Disguise." 

"Child trafficking, particularly for sexual exploitation, has increased dramatically in the United States over the past 15 years, and the numbers of victims continue to rise each year," she says. "The average age keeps getting younger -- for girls, it's now 12. The rise of the internet is a huge part of the problem, and society is not effectively addressing it.

"In the course of writing my novels, I became aware of the modern-day slavery issue. Now I write to raise awareness. It's a growing problem around the world and it's happening right here in the United States."

In this, Huffman's seventh novel, Rachel Cooper is a reporter who has devoted her life to exposing corruption, leaving little room for a relationship. But she finds it impossible to stop thinking about her unexpected run-in with Conrad Langston, an old flame.

When her mother calls in the middle of the night because her sister, Julia, is missing and the police are offering little help, Rachel immediately turns to the only person she knows she can always count on -- Conrad.

"Through her sister's experience, Rachel learns about human trafficking -- how commonplace it is and how frightening and tragic," Huffman says. "In her journey to seek justice, she recognizes an opportunity to re-evaluate her choices in life and take a new path."

Reviewers have found Huffman's newest tale as captivating as her other popular novels.

"I read it within a 24-hour period," writes Amazon reviewer Hailey Peyton. "It's one of those amazing stories that makes you laugh, cry, and has you on the edge of your seat not able to put the book (or Kindle) down until the very end. It also makes you really think about what is going on around you all at the same time."

Adds reviewer Carol Brake: "Her goal to entertain merges well with her goal to educate the reader about an issue she clearly cares about."

About Heather Huffman

Heather Huffman is a writer, former human relations specialist and mother of three, whose 12-year-old son has started his own group to fight human trafficking, 61 Strong. A portion of proceeds from sales of "Devil in Disguise" benefits nonprofit groups fighting human trafficking.

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