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September 28, 2010 10:46 ET

DEVO Confirm Tour Dates -- New Merch Available Now

"What We Do" Heads to Radio in October -- Devo Win First-Ever Moog Innovation Award

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 28, 2010) -  As DEVO continue to spread the truth about Devolution around the globe, the cry for "more" can no longer be denied. The people have spoken and DEVO have answered the call. More = more and more is good! 

Q: So what has become of DEVO since the release of their new studio album SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY? Have they become Rockin' Prophets? Highly enlightened Soothsayers? Marching merchants of quality goods of all varieties and services for the masses? A: All of the above and... more.

"Combining the punk funk fury of Devo's earliest recordings with synth-pop, this ninth disc is frantic and wall-to-wall catchy. Devo have held onto their core belief: If you want to be subversive, be utterly, unrelentingly pop." -- Rolling Stone

"Stop asking 'why?' and you'll likely find yourself surrendering to the band's herky-jerky hooks and machinelike swing. Impressively spot on." -- Entertainment Weekly

"DEVO still has that 'Something' special. Devo's nerdy electropop delivers plenty of humor and hooks -- what better cocktail to help one cope with the decline of civilization?" -- USA Today

And so to that end, DEVO now deliver... more. A handful of live experiences have been confirmed. Dates are listed below. You know what to do.

Fri Oct 29 Moogfest Asheville, NC
Sat Oct 30 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY
Sun Nov 7 Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin, TX
Thur Nov 11 San Manuel Indian Casino San Bernardino, CA
Fri Nov 12 Club Nokia Los Angeles, CA
Sat Nov 13 Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA

Want more? How about a brand new, full-line of quality wearables just in-time for Halloween?? Why be yourself when you can look just like your favorite member of DEVO? Why not be yourself by looking just as stylish as those smartly attired gentlemen in your favorite art-rock collective, DEVO? Just have a look at the affordable choices DEVO has offered to YOU, the beloved consumer:

DEVO Live Tour Gear Bundle $80
Red Energy Dome
The Official Yellow Suit
3-DEVO Retro Specs
Description: DEVO wore their trademark Yellow Suit and Red Energy Dome combo during their live shows circa 1996-2009.
Throw in a pair of 3-DEVO Retro Specs, which they wore during their Winter 2009 Tour, and you've got yourself an official DEVO stage-gear ensemble. Perfect for family reunions and jury duty.

Fashion Forward Dome Bundle $50
Astronaut Sleeveless Maxi-Turtleneck
Red Energy Dome
Description: As seen in promo photos during DEVO's 1981 era -- Sleeveless Maxi-Turtleneck + Red Energy Dome = High Fashion.

New Traditionalist Bundle $30
New Traditionalists V-Neck T-shirt
3-DEVO Retro Specs
Description: Get a couple of outfits for next to nothing. 3-DEVO Retro-Specs are a bonus accessory to this New Traditionalists-era T-shirt design.

Duty Now Bundle $40
Official T-shirt
3-DEVO Retro Specs
Down Below Boxers and Women's bundle with Sticky Buns Girls Shorts and Official Jrs. T-shirt
Description: Another version of DEVO's live performance gear -- Simple and comfortable --
T-shirt, Shorts, Specs.

Ultimate Something for Everybody Bundle $80
Classic Logo Track Jacket
Everybody Mask
Blue Energy Dome
 Blue Energy Dome Stickers
Description: Suit up to march on in DEVO's official 2010 gear and spread the word with these nifty Energy Dome stickers.

Something For Everybody Sport Bundle $40
Classic Logo Sport T-shirt
Blue Energy Dome
And Women's bundle with Classic Logo Beater and Blue Energy Dome
Description: Gym attire for the active spud. Stay fit and fresh in DEVO gear.

Something For Everybody Fashion Forward Bundle $80
Everybody Mask
Panel T-shirt
Classic Logo Track Jacket
Description: This chic and sheer new Panel Tee will surely turn heads... especially when paired with DEVO's Everybody Mask. Track jacket included... because sometimes it's friggin' cold.

Classic Devolved Headgear Bundle $40
Red Energy Dome
3-DEVO Retro Specs Glasses
Description: Protect yourself with DEVO's iconic red Energy Dome paired with their latest eyewear.
Wow -- options galore. It's like Moscow On the Hudson for DEVO fans but oh, what hours of fun you'll have.

How about more DEVO on the radio? Beginning in October, the next track from the critically lauded SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY will be "What We Do." Ask for it by name.

Yes, it is a beautiful world we're living in and DEVO bring you more of it. Deploy DEVO now!

As previously announced, DEVO have been awarded the first-ever Moog Innovation Award by Moog Music. The Moog Innovation Award celebrates pioneering artists whose genre-defying work exemplifies the bold, innovative spirit of Bob Moog. Moog Music would like to congratulate DEVO on being the 2010 recipient of The Moog Innovation Award, to be presented to the band during MoogFest 2010 weekend, October 29-31 in Asheville, NC. As part of this award, Moog Music will present DEVO with a very special synthesizer, details of which will be revealed in the coming weeks. Past recipients of the previously titled Moog Award include Keith Emerson, Herb Deutsch, Gershon Kingsley, Jan Hammer, and Bernie Worrell.

"The first recipient of the Moog Innovation Award is DEVO and we feel that they are a perfect representation of innovative sound-sculpting and genre-defying electronic music. Like Bob Moog, DEVO enthusiastically charted their own course and thus dramatically affected pop culture because of it. Not to mention the fact that they used Moog instruments to create their inimitable sound. MoogFest and the Moog Innovation Award is the perfect way to pay homage to Bob Moog and his adopted hometown of Asheville, NC, where he raised his kids, gave birth to some of his greatest inventions, and where he re-established the company that bears his name and carries on his legacy, Moog Music." -- Emmy Parker, Moog Music

DEVO will receive this prestigious award at Moogfest on October 29th, in Ashville, NC. For further info on Moogfest visit:

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