July 14, 2011 19:11 ET

DHC USA Debuts

Discover a Clear Solution to Unsightly Acne With Acne Clear Solution's New Home Delivery System

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - 40 million Americans of all ages are plagued by acne. While fighting acne can be a challenge, buying your acne treatment shouldn't be. DHC USA Inc., a distinguished provider of high-quality beauty and skincare products, is pleased to announce the launch of its Acne Clear Solution website,, a destination that seeks to make DHC's Acne Clear Solution the most accessible and easy to use acne treatment program on the market. By offering the successful acne prevention line as a complete acne treatment plan for automatic bimonthly home delivery, the website transforms DHC's Acne Clear Solution system into a comprehensive answer to problematic skin.

"We wanted to design a program that's as easy to use as our acne products themselves, giving users every resource for making acne treatment as effortless as possible," explains Miles Perdiguerra, Marketing Director at DHC USA, headquartered in San Francisco, California. "With automatic home delivery,'s subscription process emulates the simplicity of the four step treatment program, helping customers to quickly and conveniently achieve a clear, healthy complexion they can feel confident about."

Automatic Home Delivery
DHC's Acne Clear Solution subscription program automatically delivers replacement product sets to customers' homes every 60 days. Users will be charged $54.90 plus $4.50 shipping and handling -- a rate under standard retail value -- only after products are sent out each two-month period. By creating personal accounts on the Acne Clear Solution website, users can easily track orders and change shipment preferences. If necessary, customers can also cancel or make changes to shipment dates at any time by calling DHC customer service. At, each user's first shipment is offered at the discounted price of $29.50. At almost half the standard retail cost, each introductory set also includes a free package of DHC's Silky Cotton facial pads.

The Acne Clear Solution Website
At, visitors will discover a convenient platform for complete acne treatment and care. Featuring detailed product information about DHC's gentle yet effective Acne Clear Solution, the interactive site includes instructional video that demonstrates use of each of the system's components. The site also offers its visitors the opportunity to read reviews and submit an account of their own experiences using Acne Clear Solution.

Acne Clear Solution 4-Step Program
Acne Clear Solution uses the latest scientific compounds combined with gentle botanicals to help clear and prevent even the most stubborn blemishes and breakouts, noticeably reducing the number of pimples and blackheads the skin produces while fighting the visible effects of free-radical damage in just minutes a day. Organized in a simple four-step program to wash and exfoliate, tone for proper pH balance, moisturize, and locally treat nagging blemishes, the line features sulfur, green tea, and 2% salicylic acid -- the highest concentration allowed by the FDA. A gentle beta hydroxy compound that doesn't dry like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid is ideal for acne sufferers with sensitive skin.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Acne Clear Solution comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Sets may be returned for any reason within 60 days for a complete refund, including initial shipping fees.



Salicylic Acne Wash
(4 fl. oz.) A nondrying, foaming cleanser that gently exfoliates acne-prone skin and soothes with aloe vera and calming green tea.

Salicylic Acne Toner
(5.4 fl. oz.) This clarifying formula helps skin maintain a healthy pH level to manage and minimize blackheads and acne breakouts. Skin-loving botanicals, including rosemary and Chinese skullcap, help purify your complexion.

Salicylic Face Milk
(2 fl. oz.) This light moisturizer helps reduce the volume and severity of acne blemishes with clarifying salicylic acid, while soothing grape seed oil, green tea, and soy help nurture skin.

Acne Spot Therapy
(0.52 oz.) A lightweight spot-treatment with a 3% concentration of sulfur that helps clear up existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Brightening vitamin C and licorice fight the visible redness and discoloration caused by blemishes.

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