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December 01, 2006 08:00 ET

DHI Technologies Launched JavaScript Reporter™ for AJAX and Web 2.0 Application Developers

RENTON, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 1, 2006 -- DHI Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced tools for JavaScript programmers, announced today the release of JavaScript Reporter™, a JavaScript development tool. Reporter provides unparalleled assistance for building interactive Web 2.0 and AJAX applications.

Reporter increases programmer productivity by detecting and reporting JavaScript errors at compile time, eliminating the need to invoke a browser simply to catch syntax and typographical errors. In one step, it performs syntax checking, variable and function type analysis, and program flow analysis on JavaScript files.

Reporter carefully examines every expression in JavaScript source files for consistent type usage. It performs deep code analysis and infers the types by analyzing usage in all related files. Reporter comes with a DOM dictionary that allows it to check if a program accesses a browser primitive with the wrong arguments or uses the return value incorrectly. Its flexibility allows the DOM Dictionary to be modified to meet custom site requirements.

Programmers will find Reporter critical to JavaScript application development. JavaScript is a powerful and flexible programming language, but without Reporter it is extremely difficult and time consuming to find programming errors. This increases the cost of testing, and reduces the quality of website user experience.

"There are two ways to develop JavaScript programs -- with Reporter and without," said Dr. Richard Garner, DHI's CTO. "With Reporter, you catch programming errors early in the development cycle, and that dramatically reduces the time and effort spent testing the application. Without Reporter, testing can get very expensive and time consuming."

Reporter Plugin for Eclipse integrates the power of JavaScript development within the popular Eclipse framework. Reporter for Windows includes a Launcher with a message-window interface to text editors, where one can drag-and-drop JavaScript files onto the Launcher icon and to view error and warning messages in the selected editor. Command line power users now have the jsreport command line interface to be productive.

"Reporter lets JavaScript programmers check their code for accuracy and completeness in a single step, without changing the way they write code," said Dr. Jeff Scofield, DHI's Distinguished Engineer. "Reporter's deep type analysis and code verification will help the programmer find coding errors that would otherwise go undetected, until they are discovered by website visitors." Reporter reduces application development and testing time, minimizes support and maintenance costs, facilitates productive JavaScript development, and enhances website user experience.

Availability and Pricing

JavaScript Reporter is now available for purchase and download on the DHI website at Special product introduction licenses are available with a $20 discount when a simple survey form is completed. A 15-day evaluation is available.

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