March 06, 2007 12:42 ET

Diabetes Cases on the Rise in Minnesota

Free Screenings Offered; Find Out If You're at Risk

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and ST. PAUL, MN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 6, 2007 -- An epidemic is hitting Minnesota. Its name is Diabetes. Every 2 1/2 hours, someone in Minnesota dies from diabetes or from complications directly related to the disease. What's more unnerving, one-third of all people who have diabetes aren't aware that they have it!

Health Fair 11 wants to change that with the launch of its next campaign "Know Your Numbers: Detecting Diabetes." The effort begins March 11, 2007, and culminates with free diabetes screenings at 65 Cub locations across Minnesota.

The numbers are astounding!

The Minnesota Department of Health says 323,000 Minnesotans have diabetes. Each year, another 26,000 are newly diagnosed. That means every twenty minutes, another Minnesotan is told he or she has diabetes. What's more, a million other Minnesotans have impaired fasting glucose, a form of pre-diabetes. These people are likely to develop diabetes unless they take action to change the course of their health. The MDH says health costs due to diabetes hit $2.3 billion each year!

Anyone can develop diabetes.

Your body changes the food you eat into a sugar called glucose. It travels throughout your body in your bloodstream. Your blood always has some glucose in it. A hormone called insulin helps the glucose get into your body's cells where it is used as energy.

Diabetes occurs when your body doesn't produce enough insulin or isn't able to use it properly. That leads to too much glucose in your blood. Over time, that can cause blindness, strokes, kidney failure, or the loss of an arm or leg.

FREE diabetes screening!

Take charge of your health by taking part in "Know Your Numbers: Detecting Diabetes." Health Fair 11, Cub Pharmacy and UCare Minnesota are joining forces to offer FREE diabetes screenings at all 65 Cub Foods locations in Minnesota. The screenings take place 10:00am-2:00pm on March 16-17, 2007. Nurses with the Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency will administer the tests. Fast is not required. More details are available at

*Health Fair 11 is a partnership among KARE 11, Cub Pharmacy and UCare Minnesota. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to provide health care education, materials for consumers, and free or low cost screenings to members of our community.

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