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November 14, 2014 15:00 ET

DiabetesAmerica Recognizes World Diabetes Day

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - November 14, 2014) - Today, the team members and providers at DiabetesAmerica join the worldwide diabetes community to mark World Diabetes Day, a day designated to raise awareness of diabetes across the globe. According to the International Diabetes Federation, 382 million people worldwide are living with diabetes and the United States ranks third in the highest number of adults living with diabetes by country. 

"Given the current world diabetes epidemic and the staggering increase in its projected prevalence, it is imperative to create awareness, prevent the disease and its complications. With the current therapeutic advances available for diabetes management many individuals may benefit from safe and effective treatments which can provide the best quality of life possible for people with diabetes worldwide," stated Rosemarie Lajara, MD, President of DCOA-Physician Associates, PA, and provider at the DiabetesAmerica Plano Health Center near Dallas. "Living with diabetes is a journey that can pose many daily challenges. At DiabetesAmerica, we understand the importance of having a good team to support each individual who lives with diabetes. We welcome the opportunity to be an integral part of each patient's journey because we believe that with the support of family, friends, and a dedicated healthcare team, people with diabetes can take control of their condition and live life to its fullest."

"As a physician working with DiabetesAmerica, I see daily the positive impact of attaining the American Diabetes Association (ADA) standard of care and good clinical outcomes using a comprehensive approach to treating diabetes. I am sensitive to patients' cultural backgrounds and their individualized goals and with patients' input come up with a treatment plan using medications, exercise, diet, and weight loss to achieve standard of care goals and prevent complications from diabetes," added Timothy Daniel, MD, provider at the DiabetesAmerica Health Center in Pearland, outside of Houston. 

"Diabetes is an increasing chronic health issue for persons of all ages. Every person's diabetes is different, so I use an individualized approach. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are essential for the health of everyone, not just people with diabetes, and can go a long way to preventing diabetes," states Dianne Fetchick, MD, provider at the DiabetesAmerica Central San Antonio Health Center. "Good nutrition and exercise are the platform for any effective treatment program. Other treatments such as medicines or surgery are addressed on an individual basis according to the person's particular needs."

"Early detection and proper diabetes management is crucial to preventing complications including diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes related kidney disease. To date, DiabetesAmerica is the largest diabetes-focused specialty practice in the United States with thirteen centers located in the major metropolitan areas of Texas," adds Chuck Dowling, CEO of DiabetesAmerica. "Since our inception in 2004, DiabetesAmerica has provided comprehensive diabetes care to tens of thousands of patients living with diabetes."

Over 29 million Americans are living with diabetes and nearly one-third of them are not aware they have it. Additionally, it is estimated that 86 million adults in America are living with pre-diabetes. In an effort to raise awareness of diabetes and pre-diabetes, DiabetesAmerica is offering free diabetes screenings the entire month of November at all thirteen of their locations. 

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DiabetesAmerica is dedicated to helping diabetes patients understand their condition, manage it, and live a full life without becoming overwhelmed. Through their market leading clinical model emphasizing coordinated patient care, diagnostics, and education, DiabetesAmerica provides all-in-one comprehensive and personalized diabetes care to tens of thousands of patients across the Houston, Dallas/Forth Worth and San Antonio metropolitan areas. For more information on DiabetesAmerica, a complete list of center locations, or to schedule an appointment, please visit:

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