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June 20, 2005 11:12 ET

Diabetic Neuropathy a Threat but Often Preventable

Diabetes Skin Treatment Leader Recommends Six Steps to Minimize Impact

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 20, 2005 -- People with diabetes can greatly improve their chances of preventing or limiting the impact of diabetic neuropathy, a serious and often undiagnosed diabetes complication, through more diligent monitoring and self-management, according to Anastasia Chehak, RD, LD, CDE, and the president and founder of Anastasia Marie Laboratories.

Chehak points to a recent American Diabetes Association (ADA) survey that revealed only a small percentage of people with diabetes who have symptoms of the condition are actually diagnosed. "That in and of itself is concerning enough," says Chehak, "but the findings also showed that over half of the patients had never even heard of neuropathy."

Typically, explains Chehak, the condition presents itself as sensory neuropathy, the most prevalent form of the condition and often marked by nerve damage-related symptoms that may include numbness, sharp pain or a tingling feeling, foot sores, and muscle weakness. Since an individual with neuropathy may not be able to feel a sore, a small irritation can progress to a major one and could lead to the need for amputation.

"It's essential that diabetes education be dramatically improved, and individuals with diabetes in turn need to carefully monitor their feet, where the condition often first appears," said Chehak, whose company, Anastasia Marie Laboratories, has developed diabetes skin treatment products that soothe the effects of neuropathy and are 100% safe to use between the toes.

Chehak recommends six sound self-management steps individuals with diabetes can take to either prevent the onset of neuropathy or minimize its impact on their lives:

--  Exercise every day. An active, regular regimen can help maintain
    normal glucose levels, keep weight down and aid circulation to reduce the
    risk of complications and neuropathy.
--  Adopt a well-balanced diet that includes seasonal fruits and
    vegetables and liberal usage of extra-virgin olive oil.
--  Wear sensible shoes. High-heeled Pradas may look heavenly but are hell
    on the feet.
--  Know your toes. Tiny cracks and cuts between the toes can lead to big
    problems. Use an approved, non water-based skin treatment product.
--  Know thyself. Be sensitive to even the hint of early symptoms like
    numbness or sharp pain. Keep regular appointments with your doctor or
In addition to the comprehensive survey, Chehak is encouraged by the ADA's new awareness-based Diabetic Neuropathy Campaign. "It's especially true for people with diabetes that knowledge is power," she says, "and knowledge accompanied by focused action is even more powerful.

"Neuropathy need not signal an inevitable downward spiral for those who have it, and we're excited that our Diapedic® Foot Treatment product will be one part of the solution, one that will help lessen the impact of the condition for so many with diabetes," Chehak concluded.

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