SOURCE: Diagenode


November 28, 2011 08:08 ET

Diagenode Finishes Collaboration With the GIGA Center, Findings Show the Newest Bioruptor® Obtains Unbiased Shearing of DNA for Next-Gen Sequencing Applications on the Illumina GAIIx Analyzer

LIEGE, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2011) - Diagenode SA (a privately-held Belgium based company) announced that it has finished a Next-Gen Sequencing application study with the GIGA center, University of Liège (Belgium). The study highlighted the newest Bioruptor® NGS machine designed specifically for shearing DNA and RNA. The proprietary technology of the Bioruptor® NGS machine process enables higher recoveries, faster processing, and tighter sizing distributions for nucleic acid fragment sizes for library preparation.

Diagenode partnered with Wouter Coppieters, PhD, head of the genomics core facility at the GIGA center to validate the newest Bioruptor® machine for DNA library preparation. The center routinely performs a variety of Next-Gen Sequencing applications including de novo sequencing, whole genome and amplicon sequencing, and targeted resequencing on an Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx. Coppieters notes, "A prerequisite to obtaining the highest quality Next-Generation Sequencing data is to have libraries that have the desired insert size. The Bioruptor® NGS was key in generating optimal sequencing results for our study. "

In an effort to reduce the complexity of library preparation upfront of the various Next-Gen Sequencing platforms, Diagenode has launched the Bioruptor® NGS. Manuela Saathoff, PhD, Bioruptor® product manager, noted "the Bioruptor® product line has long been a method of choice for Chromatin and DNA shearing. Our newest system has allowed us to better address the needs of our customers in the Next-Gen Sequencing community." The full results of the study can be found on Diagenode's webpage.

About Diagenode

Diagenode is a multinational life science company that develops and commercializes innovative instruments and reagents for epigenetic research. Major product lines include; IP-Star ® Automation, Bioruptor® Sonication, epigenetic targeted antibodies and kits. Founded in 2004 in Liège (Belgium), Diagenode has offices in Liège, Belgium and Denville, New Jersey.