SOURCE: Diamant Art Corporation

October 23, 2007 09:00 ET

Diamant Art Corporation Sharply Increases Revenue Potential by Making Nor-X Industry AS's Revolutionary Additive Available to Plastics Manufacturers in North America

Diamant Art Corporation to Provide Nor-X™ Product, Opening an Untapped New Segment of the Marketplace With Its Biodegradable Solution

TORONTO--(Marketwire - October 23, 2007) - Diamant Art Corporation (OTCBB: DIAAF) is pleased to announce that, through a Distribution and Marketing Venture with Oxy-Bio International, Diamant will be taking an active role in marketing of the Nor-X degrading solution to not only its clients, but to Plastics Manufacturers in NORTH AMERICA.

Diamant will be providing Nor-X Industry AS's additive product ( to potential major plastic manufacturers of shopping bags as needed in the cities in North America with the plastic ban, dry cleaning cover bags, packaging shrink wrap and other assorted consumable plastic products who will now be able to integrate this additive in order to make their products completely biodegradable. Nor-X's additive is distinctive in its category in the way that it completely breaks down, making this additive superior in the marketplace and ultimately securing a huge new market for Diamant.

"The availability of this NOR-X revolutionary product is expected to expand Diamant's prospective client base tremendously, by providing a bio-additive that is able to cater to clients who otherwise are not in the market for our current line of eco-bio-products. Furthermore, as a paramount manufacture and provider of biodegradable products, we are able to provide the necessary additive that can assist in making the products of many other manufacturers into biodegradable plastics. We anticipate that this relationship will greatly contribute to Diamant, by enabling us to increase profitability by ultimately being able to capitalize on multiple segments of the plastic industry," stated Diamant Film Inc. CEO and President Stefan Gudmundsson.

About Nor-X Industry AS: Nor-X Industry AS is a privately owned Norwegian environmental technology company that manufactures, documents, protects and sells specialized additives to provide new commercially viable and practical environmental solutions to the international polyolefin plastics industry.

About Oxy-Bio International Inc.: Oxy-Bio International Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation owning the exclusive rights to Nor-X's commercial products for North America (NAFTA Countries).

About Diamant Film Inc.: Diamant Art Corporation (OTCBB: DIAAF), through its wholly owned subsidiary Diamant Film Inc. (, is the world's first plasticizer-free stretch film based on polystyrene and the first food wrap film that is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Diamant's Bio-Products contain Totally Degradable Plastic Additive. Unlike other plastic, once biodegrading is complete, all that remains is carbon dioxide, water and biomass, all of which are part of the normal bio-cycle. Diamant™ Film has recently received the ECO logo certified by the Environmental Choice™ Program. The Environmental Choice™ Program is North America's leading benchmark of environmentally responsible products and services.

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