April 30, 2013 10:00 ET

Diameter Routing Segmentation: PT Announces Routing Segmentation for the SEGway Universal Diameter Router

Carriers Reap New Revenue Opportunities and Reduce Network and Administration Costs

ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2013) - PT (NASDAQ: PTIX), a leading global supplier of advanced network communications, today introduced its Diameter Routing Segmentation capability for the SEGway Universal Diameter Router (UDR). Routing segmentation provides network operators the ability to create multiple instances of Diameter routing on a single platform, as opposed to other solutions in which the addition of further Diameter routing capabilities requires additional hardware resources and network architecture.

The recent upsurge in deployment of LTE/EPC/Diameter networks has presented service providers with a wide variety of hurdles that impact performance and operating expense.

Examples are:

  • Vast increases in volume of Diameter traffic
  • Multitudes of interconnected network elements
  • Countless inter-network connections
  • Redundant architecture resulting in more CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Increased multi-vendor interoperability issues
  • Managing consolidated routing rules for both intra- and inter-network

PT's SEGway UDR with Diameter Routing Segmentation enables the virtualization of Diameter routing -- within a network -- or between interconnected networks. Each of these virtual Diameter Routing Agents or Diameter Edge Agents has its own separate set of routing and screening rules to shape traffic on a per-peer basis. This shaping includes traffic flow control, throttling, and congestion avoidance, and is quite simple to implement. SEGway's unparalleled flexible routing concept provides greater and more precise controls, thus allowing service providers to quickly deploy more advanced revenue-generating features. 

Diameter Routing Agents and Diameter Edge Agents that include routing segmentation capabilities enable LTE/EPC/Diameter network service providers to design, implement, and maintain the most efficient and cost effective architectures to meet their individual business requirements.

"PT worked extensively with service providers to identify and resolve critical architectural and traffic issues presented by evolution to the Evolved Packet Core," said John Slusser, President and CEO of PT. "As the signaling experts, we continue to deliver innovations in technology to make our customers more successful and raise the industry standard for excellence."

PT's SEGway Signaling solutions are deployed in over one thousand locations, providing the Signaling backbone for many of the world's premier wireless networks. With its small footprint and high throughput capacity, SEGway is widely recognized as the industry's leading signaling architecture, with the ability to scale from small to very large networks.

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PT (NASDAQ: PTIX) is a global supplier of advanced, high availability network communications solutions. Its SEGway™ Diameter and SS7 Signaling Systems provide tightly integrated signaling and advanced routing capabilities and applications that uniquely span the mission critical demands of both existing and next-generation 4G LTE and IMS telecommunications networks. The Company's IPnexus® Multi-Protocol Gateways and Servers enable a broad range of IP-interworking in data acquisition, sensor, radar, and control applications for aviation, weather and other infrastructure networks. Established in 1981, PT is headquartered in Rochester, NY and markets and sells its products worldwide through its direct sales organization as well as through channel partners that include major telecommunications equipment vendors, government prime contractors and value-added resellers.

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