Diamond Kote

Diamond Kote

September 15, 2015 10:30 ET

Diamond Kote® Introduces The Most Advanced Rodent Protection for RV's

Announcing Diamond Kote® Mouse Shield: innovative rodent control technology, engineered specifically for RV use.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 15, 2015) - Diamond Kote® introduces Mouse Shield - a dual impact rodent control technology. Mouse Shield Pro combines a durable, automotive grade undercoating shield with a highly concentrated, all-natural repellent that drives rodents away.

A durable, vulcanized rubber-based undercoating, with a super-concentrated, natural rodent repellent, Mouse Shield creates a permanent, non-greasy, non-sticky barrier. Its abrasion-resistant coating effectively seals the most common mice entry points, while the secret repellent ingredient has a smell and taste that effectively deter mice before they can do any harm.

Stephen Clelland, President of WGI Manufacturing, the makers of Diamond Kote®, says, "The most extensive damage caused by mice is electrical - a result of them chewing their way not only into your RV but through its wiring. Diamond Kote® has engineered the best technology available to protect your investment and your home on the road."

It's a fact that when RV owners move out and store their vehicles for the winter, mice move in. Diamond Kote® stops mice at the point of entry, slamming the door on rodent invasion, safely and effectively.

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Diamond Kote® is Canada's longest serving manufacturer and supplier of automotive appearance and protection products and programs. Founded in 1968 by Charles S. Walker, the Diamond Kote® brand has become a renowned product name in North America, Europe and China. For more information, please visit: www.diamondkote.com.

Ask your RV dealer to install Diamond Kote® Mouse Shield today.

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