May 06, 2016 21:11 ET

Diamond Resorts International -- Vacations for Life -- Best Tips for Traveling the World

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - May 06, 2016) - Global hospitality company Diamond Resorts International® offers tips for those who are brave enough to indulge in world travel. Whether planning a multi-destination trip or a single vacation abroad, exploring the globe has immense benefits, including increasing creativity and a sense of well-being, and enhancing physical health. The global tourism industry has been growing steadily for the past five years and is expected to continue to expand. Experts at the resort company advise using these practical tips to be able to experience all the inspiration and advantages of world travel, and to ensure an incredible journey for each vacation.

To make travel more efficient, Diamond Resorts International® recommends packing lightly. Investing in a high-quality travel backpack that can be used as a carry-on bag can potentially save travelers from paying fees for checked bags, allowing for more money to be spent exploring the sights and wonders of each new city. Light packing will also make it easy to get from one place to the next, which is a huge asset for multi-destination trips. The resort company suggests packing the essentials, such as a digital camera for capturing memories, a mini first-aid kit, toiletries, and comfortable clothing, in an easy-to-carry travel bag when planning on visiting more than one location during a vacation.

All over the world, there are amazing flavors to sample and creative cuisines to experience from aromatic seafood dishes of Thailand to the rich pastries of Germany. Diamond Resorts International® advises travelers to enrich their vacation abroad by eating magnificent local fare and to engage with the local people. Markets, street vendors, and cafes all offer opportunities to try new flavors at affordable rates, as local food is often remarkably inexpensive.

When going overseas, vacationers will find that there are a plethora of paid tours and other organized events to help tourists explore a local area with the help of an experienced guide. While tours can be very educational and even exciting, offering a chance to learn in-depth about a historical site or natural attraction, the resort and hospitality company advises travelers to be open to self-exploration as well. Purchasing a map and setting out to explore a city, wander through museums, and meet new people along the way can be a thrilling experience in itself. Traveling abroad is an adventure, one that fulfills and restores. Diamond Resorts International® makes it easy to travel the globe and experience all that the world has to offer with more than 370 comfortable resort locations in 35 countries.

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Diamond Resorts International®, with its network of more than 370 vacation destinations located in 35 countries throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa, provides guests with choice and flexibility to let them create their dream vacation, whether they are traveling an hour away or around the world. Our relaxing vacations have the power to give guests an increased sense of happiness and satisfaction in their lives, while feeling healthier and more fulfilled in their relationships, by enjoying memorable and meaningful experiences that let them Stay Vacationed.™

Diamond Resorts International® manages vacation ownership resorts and sells vacation ownership points that provide members and owners with Vacations for Life® at over 370 managed and affiliated properties and cruise itineraries.

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