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January 21, 2015 15:02 ET

Diamond Resorts International® Asks America to Stay Vacationed.™

Leading Vacation Brand Teams With Medical and Time Experts

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2015) - Diamond Resorts International® has thrown down the gauntlet to Americans. The challenge? Take a vacation! Diamond Resorts, a leading vacation ownership company offering Vacations for Life® -- with the help of research and a team of experts, has created a campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers and their employers about the significance of taking regular vacations.

Research -- including a Nielsen study that Diamond Resorts commissioned -- shows that vacations are linked to our health, happiness and productivity. Yet more than 40 percent of Americans on average are leaving seven or more days of paid vacation on the table every year. The result? Nearly ONE BILLION vacation days go unused every year. For more info, visit their website at The consequences of this are staggering -- a workforce that is less productive, less satisfied in their jobs and relationships, and prone to stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity and heart attacks. This long list of ailments is caused by an American society that has devalued the importance of downtime.

Diamond Resorts is working with Leigh Vinocur, MD, and recognized "time off expert," John de Graaf, in an effort designed to not just raise awareness of this issue, but to urge consumers to embrace the concept of Stay Vacationed.™ even when they aren't on vacation. "The excitement we feel during the planning stages of a vacation, and the anticipation experienced while looking forward to the time away can be just as important mentally and physically as the actual vacation," said Dr. Vinocur. "Consider it a mental getaway, if you will. The vacation, of course, is beneficial in many ways. Being unplugged, spending time with family, friends or just by yourself does wonders for the soul." Diamond Resorts advises that the vacation shouldn't end there. The enjoyment of sharing photos, stories and experiences with others, the memories that are made during the trip, the feeling that you can't wait to do it again, all are part of the cycle -- and the idea we should all Stay Vacationed.

The Stay Vacationed.™ campaign will be rolled out over the next year and is targeted at both consumers and employers. "It's not enough that companies offer vacation time anymore," said John de Graaf, founder of the Take Back Your Time organization. "If there isn't a culture of support and encouragement, fear will keep folks from taking time away from the office. We've become a society that admires the hardest working, who also are sleep deprived, unhealthy and unhappy." 

In addition, Diamond Resorts will provide online resources where research, opinions, blog posts, helpful tips and other information relevant to Stay Vacationed.™ will reside. This spring, Diamond Resorts will sponsor a national summit, bringing together the most enlightened thinkers in this space with a goal to connect employers, employees, non-profits and academics who have the capacity to not only change the national dialogue but the nation's behavior. As Dr. Vinocur said, "this is a fixable epidemic."

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