July 22, 2016 17:00 ET

Diamond Resorts International® Timeshare -- Provides Top Tips for Parents When Traveling

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - July 22, 2016) - There's nothing quite as exciting as taking the whole family on a travel adventure. The chance to create lifelong memories and expand a child's mind with the magic of travel delights any parent. Of course, it does take some planning, strategizing and a good attitude to make the trip run as smoothly as possible, especially with younger children. Diamond Resorts International® timeshare, the world's leading global resort network of vacation ownership properties with over 420 destinations around the world, has developed a number of helpful tips that will assist parents during the vacation.

Traveling with children should start long before the first step out the door. Diamond Resorts International® timeshare recommends transitioning children into the vacation with a few fun projects that relate to the destination. Looking at maps together, exploring the history of the place, watching a movie or reading a book set in the location or trying some of the new foods they may experience during the trip will help children feel they are more involved and integrated into the adventure. It's a great idea to let kids pack their own child-sized bags to help them feel more active and to understand the planning process early in life. Show them pictures of the place and ask them what they most want to see or do beforehand. During the trip, find ways to empower the child, like asking them to help find the flight and gate number, keep track of departure times, or allow them to order their own food and drinks in restaurants and on planes.

If the child is still at car-seat-age -- be sure to bring it! While many car rental companies will provide a car seat upon request, they can be dirty or unsafe -- not to mention complicated if a parent isn't used to its mechanics. Bringing a familiar, lightweight car seat that can be attached to wheeled suitcases with bungee cords and checked on the plane will ultimately be a welcome time saver and go a long way towards making the trip a smooth one.

That organization and efficiency should extend to the hotel room, say Diamond Resorts timeshare experts. Designating centralized points of activity in the hotel room will keep the space from becoming cluttered. Think about feeding areas, diapering areas and a particular play area for the kids. Keeping the items needed for each activity isolated to that "station" will automatically create a sense of calm and efficiency. Parents are also encouraged to designate a "safe spot" to always know where those special items that the child can't be without such as a favorite toy, pillow or blanket will be.

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