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October 16, 2007 12:38 ET

Diamond Road Digs Deep into the

Secret World of the Most Coveted Jewel

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor TORONTO/MEDIA ADVISORY/INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY/--(Marketwire - Oct. 16, 2007) - They've made multi-millionaires of some and virtual slaves of others; now they are the subject of a three-part documentary series and a state of the art companion website offering a rare inside look at the planet's most intriguing gem: diamonds.

Diamond Road launches on TVOntario on October 17 and on Knowledge Network on November 14. Its website, Diamond Road Online, launched October 11.

Diamonds start out as tiny bits of carbon but once mined, they begin a year-long journey through the "pipeline," a vast network encompassing five continents and a diverse array of diamond industry players. In the process, diamonds come to mean very different things to those whose lives revolve around them - from profit, power and exploitation to love, beauty and hope.

Diamond Road explores the diamond world through its captivating characters. The stories of an international prospector, impoverished miner, child cutter, celebrity jeweler and high-end dealer are interwoven with that of a complex industry leader who is fighting for fairness and transparency. What results is a multi-layered portrait of a stone steeped in human dreams, conflicts and desires.

"Diamonds have no intrinsic value and fulfill no real purpose - but a 70-billion dollar a year industry has been built by marketing them, turning them into the ultimate and enduring symbol of love. It's an extraordinary story," points out series producer Robert Lang. "What pleased us most in making the series was how much access we had to people working at every point on the pipeline in an industry that is notorious for its secrecy."

The show's website, Diamond Road Online (, combines the art of the documentary with the power of the web. Rather than simply providing an online representation of a TV documentary, the site is both a natural extension and a unique element of the entire Diamond Road project. The television series presents its stories and then invites the viewer online to become a contributor and editor of those stories.

Users of Diamond Road Online can choose to follow a favourite character, find out more about a particular theme or sit back and let the sites unique "Recommendation Engine" tell a story. Diamond Road Online uses intelligent software to analyze what users have already seen, assess what others have rated, and then make recommendations on viewing choices. At any point, the user can become an editor of the documentary, creating and sharing with the online community mini-documentaries made from the content they experience.

"We're aiming for Diamond Road Online to redefine documentaries as an experience that involves an engaged audience in conversation with the creators and with one another," says web producer David Oppenheim.

"It brings key Web 2.0 innovations into the world of storytelling and pushes online documentaries to the next level," adds the project's system architect and producer Richard Lachman.

Both Diamond Road and Diamond Road Online are produced by Kensington Communications of Toronto which has been creating award-winning television for over 25 years and interactive media for a decade. The television series was produced in association with TVOntario, Discovery Times Channel, ZDF/Arte, Canal D, Knowledge Network, History Channel and SBS Australia with the financial participation of Rogers Documentary Fund and the Canadian Television Fund: LFP. Diamond Road Online was produced with the participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and TVOntario.

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Diamond Road air dates:

Part I: The Dream
TVO: October 17, 10pm; rebroadcast October 21 at approximately 10:30pm;
Knowledge Network: November 14 at 9pm; rebroadcast November 20, 10pm

Part II: The Stone that Divides
TVO: October 24, 10pm; rebroadcast October 28 at approximately 10:30pm;
Knowledge Network: November 21, 9pm; rebroadcast November 27, 10pm

Part III: The Arrival
TVO: October 31, 10pm; rebroadcast November 4 at approximately 10:30pm;
Knowledge Network: November 28, 9pm; rebroadcast December 4, 10pm

Diamond Road Online launched:
October 11th


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