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September 15, 2008 20:09 ET

Diamond Versus Square: Shreddies Debate Rages On

After 36,000 votes, Diamonds are in the lead and the debate continues

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 15, 2008) -

Editors Note: A photo is included with this press release.

Post - famous for bringing good good whole wheat Shreddies cereal to Canadian breakfast tables for 67 years, took cereal lovers by storm with a dramatic announcement in March 2008. For the first time in seven decades Shreddies was changing its shape, for a limited time, with new Diamond Shreddies(i) cereal. After a whirlwind of debate over which is better - the diamond or the square - and some controversy over square Shreddies appearing in Diamond Shreddies boxes, The President of Shreddies(ii) reflects on the Canadian Shreddies craze and prepares for a big announcement scheduled for September 22, 2008 at

"When we introduced 45 degree rotational technology to put a new twist on Shreddies - an old family favourite - we had no idea the widespread excitement and discussion that would erupt within Canada and beyond our borders," says The President of Shreddies. "We found ourselves amid a flurry of debate and discussion. Everyone from Canada's leading media to bloggers to regular people got in on the Diamond versus Square debate."

Square Shreddies Lovers - a small but vocal minority

According to online voting at, Diamonds are in the lead with 66 per cent of the vote trailed by Squares with a mere 34 per cent. However, it has been confirmed that although the Square minority may be small - they're vocal.

"We've found that Diamond Shreddies lovers, as you might expect, are the more laid back of the Shreddies crowd," says The President of Shreddies. "Our customer service department has had quite an earful from our Square-loving friends," he adds.

Records obtained from an unnamed Shreddies source reveal that not everyone supports Diamond Shreddies self-proclaimed geometric superiority.

"You are sending the wrong information to kids about geometric shapes,(iii)" says one concerned parent, to whom The President of Shreddies responded: "You are partially correct, the true geometric name is Rhombus Shreddies, but unfortunately Rhombus failed miserably when tested against Diamond Shreddies in consumer groups."

Square Shreddies in Diamond Shreddies Boxes?

Further investigation revealed some complaints focused on the issue of product shape controls gone awry.

One consumer wrote "I purchased a box of the new Diamond Shreddies and only half were the diamond shape!(iii)"

When asked about this issue The President of Shreddies responded: "We are working around the clock to rectify the situation. I have nothing to announce at the moment but as soon as I have news you will be the first to know. A video announcement will be made in September at"

Big Diamond Shreddies news anticipated September 22

As the Shreddies Diamond versus Square debate rages on and Canadians continue to vote at, The President of Shreddies is leading a special Shreddies project that will be unveiled at on Monday, September 22, 9 a.m. EST. Until then Canadians can visit (a URL that can only be accessed via this online news story) to get behind the scenes, VIP access to preview the announcement which will include Shreddies customer comments and additional responses from The President of Shreddies.

"We play close attention to the opinions and views of our loyal Shreddies cereal lovers," says The President of Diamond Shreddies. "I want Canadians to know that we hear you - you take your Shreddies seriously... and so do we. Visit on September 22 for the unveiling of our latest Shreddies initiative."

(i)The Diamond Shreddies campaign is multi-award winning: two Clio Awards including the Grand Clio; and awards from One Show; Young Guns; Applied Arts and Communication Arts

(ii)The President of Shreddies is fictional as are his comments, and any resemblance to any real people is purely coincidental

To view a photo of the "President of Shreddies" please visit the following link:

(iii)Inspired by actual consumer comments

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