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February 08, 2011 15:49 ET

Diamonds Are Indeed a Girl's Best Friend -- Especially When Turned Into Cash With the Help of Cash for Diamonds USA

The Season of Love Is Upon Us; If You're Not Happy With the Diamonds Your Significant Other Got You for Valentine's Day, Trade Them in for Something Better -- Cash; Turn V-Day Into Me-Day With Cash for Diamonds USA

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) -  Diamonds are the quintessential symbol of love. They adorn the crests of wedding rings worldwide, and there's still no more steadfast declaration of love than the gift of diamonds, be it in ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet. However, just as Cash for Diamonds USA's Valentine's Day commercial touts, sometimes our significant others buy us the worst gifts.

Cash for Gold USA's funny Valentine's Day commercial can be seen here:
Funny Cash for Gold USA Commercial (

In other cases, diamonds can be a painful reminder of love gone sour. Looking at gifts from former lovers can bring up feelings of bitterness and resentment. "Cash for Diamonds USA understands that diamonds, even with negative connotations, have value," Norm Schneider, President of the company explains. "Our company offers a simple solution for customers living in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico to have their diamonds appraised by a qualified gemologist and purchased for cash if it pleases them." Nobody wants to throw a diamond ring away, even if it does have a negative impact on their lives. But hanging on to old painful memories is not as fun as making new ones. Sell the diamonds or gold jewelry, take the cash and buy yourself something nice.

Instead of letting the jewelry bring pain, why not turn it into something usable instead? One visit to will prove that selling diamonds for cash is easy. Working with Cash for Diamonds USA -- an entity of CJ Environmental -- is a great way to get excellent prices for diamonds, no matter what their quality, cut or carat might be. Cash for Diamonds USA does so much business that they can offer their customers the highest profit possible, much higher than the offerings of local pawnshops, jewelers and knockoff online competitors. Also, shipping, handling and insurance are free when clients choose to work with Cash for Diamonds USA. 

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