November 29, 2011 08:00 ET

DiamondStream Bets New Business on Birst's Agile Analytics

Online Application Based on Birst's Industry-Leading Technology Provides Casinos With Unmatched Market Insight

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 29, 2011) - Birst Inc., the leading provider of agile business analytics, today announced that DiamondStream is using Birst's innovative technology to deliver unmatched market insight to casinos. Together with Birst, DiamondStream developed Casino Share Intelligence® (CSI), an easy-to-use, online application that is providing casinos with the information and analysis they need to improve their marketing results by better targeting marketing campaigns and optimizing their use of marketing resources.

Leveraging its long history of providing consultative services to casinos, DiamondStream developed an innovative plan to create an online application that would provide casinos with unmatched insight into the marketplace and patron behavior. Working with Birst's team of experts, DiamondStream developed CSI, a fully-branded, single sign-on (SSO) application based on Birst's technology, which provides casinos with two views. The first, Share Reports, compares a casino's market position to that of its top competitors and can segment that information 1.6 million different ways across patron demographic and behavioral groups. The second, Most Valuable Patron (MVP), provides insight into the behavior of a casino's top 400 patrons, tracking information such as what portion of each patron's total spend the casino is capturing. Leveraging information provided by MVP, casinos can target an under-performing demographic with a specialized marketing campaign that can then be executed by DiamondStream under a separate agreement. The aggregated summary reports in MVP then close the loop by allowing casinos to track the subsequent performance of the targeted group in order to evaluate the campaign's success.

"Despite what was, at the time, our relatively small staff and limited resources, we aspired to create an entirely new, highly value-added service for the 90 billion dollar casino industry," said Dean Donovan, Co-Founder and Managing Director, DiamondStream. "We needed a partner with the far-reaching analytical expertise, cost-effective technology, and advanced functionality that would help us to execute our vision. We found all of that, and more, in Birst."

Before partnering with Birst, DiamondStream relied on another solution for its analytical needs, but determined that its technology did not perform to the level required. In its search for an alternate solution that would serve as the basis for CSI, DiamondStream was immediately impressed with the expertise of Birst's leadership, their deep understanding of the challenges DiamondStream was facing, and their desire to resolve those issues. Using Birst's industry-leading technology, DiamondStream was able to quickly and easily combine disparate data sources at a fraction of the time and cost required by other solutions.

With exponential CSI adoption rates and clients that include the three largest casinos in the United States, DiamondStream is rapidly expanding its business. The company is continuing to partner with Birst to enhance CSI's features and develop additional functionality.

"We're providing our partners with the technology and expertise they need to quickly develop customized solutions that answer their clients' most pressing business questions -- and the ones they didn't even know to ask," said Brad Peters, CEO of Birst. "As a result of these solutions, our partners are creating new revenue streams, expanding into new markets, establishing and strengthening their competitive advantage, and -- most importantly -- improving their overall business results."

About DiamondStream
DiamondStream is a marketing analytics company dedicated to enhancing its clients' profits in Gaming, Entertainment and Travel. We develop analytical marketing applications by leveraging our unique proprietary cash data with reach into more than 1,100 casinos across the country to help our clients create unprecedented value from the "profitable core" of patrons. We deploy these insights via smart, Business Intelligence dashboards that provide clients with a robust understanding of their market situation, and then we drill into each client's specific concerns via strategic, one-on-one services solutions. The result is a unique total market view of patrons and competitors that help casinos rethink the way they market today. For more information, visit

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Birst™ is the leader in agile business analytics. It offers a single place to manage all of a business' analytics and agility to answer questions that span departments, data sources, and deployments -- across public or private Clouds. Birst gives users the fastest way to answer their most pressing business questions -- and then all the ones they didn't know to ask. At one-third the cost, time, and staff of traditional big BI, Birst brings the benefits of analytics and fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience. For more information, visit

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