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May 16, 2016 08:30 ET

Diary of a Sugar Mom: Don't Tell the Kids Author Releases Audio Book Chapters on Her Sugar Mom Podcast and Candidly Discusses Her Battle With Ovarian Cancer

Voice-Over Artist Robin Marshall Engages Listeners About Fictional Character's Tough Choices and Releases Recordings From a Series of Blogs About Her Real Cancer Journey With, "Lemons to Lemonade," Leading Up to National Cancer Survivor's Day

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 16, 2016) - Author, Voice Over Artist, Audio Producer, and One Year Cancer Survivor Robin Marshall announces the free distribution of her audio book The Diary of a Sugar Mom: Don't Tell the Kids by way of her Sugar Mom Podcast on iTunes, Libsyn, and numerous other podcast directories starting in June. Find many more of her podcasts and blogs online at and Facebook @RealSugarMom.

Marshall, who has been the voice behind popular brands such as Lexus, P. Diddy, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, to name but a few, is also releasing recordings of her blogs, called "Lemons to Lemonade" which she wrote while undergoing aggressive treatment for Ovarian Cancer. These episodes will be part of the Sugar Mom Podcast between May 25th through June 3rd, leading up to National Cancer Survivor Day, Sunday, June 5th.

Readers find her candid writing to be helpful. From Fran, a subscriber to Robin's blog:

"Robin, you have no idea how following along with you on your Ovarian cancer experience has changed my life. I was bleeding, slightly and did as you said; went to my doctor. While not finding Ovarian cancer, they did a biopsy of my cervix and they're watching me closely. As you say, being proactive is most important! God Bless and thank you for being such a force to contend with!"

Robin says, "I want women and men who subscribe to my podcast and/or visit my Facebook page @RealSugarMom, to understand what the concept of a Sugar Mom really is, and more importantly, what it is NOT."

Robin bravely delves into the world of taboo subjects. It's not about describing sex-acts, rather it's about the practice of seduction and making others feel desirable. It's also about honesty and loosening up your boundaries. Robin adds, "If you can try one new thing a day, you're headed towards becoming who you used to be and now want to be again!"

Robin addresses women but has found that men enjoy hearing what she has to say too. "What man doesn't want to know what's really going on inside his 'better half's' mind?" Both men and women will find Robin's voice to be seductive and easy to listen to.

Robin wants listeners to better understand where the concept of Sugar Mom comes from, which is why she is releasing her audio book, chapter by chapter, as its own Podcast series.

The Sugar Mom Podcast releases new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's advised that subscribers check their podcast apps regularly for bonus podcasts. Robin will throw in a #WickedWednesday or #SinfulSunday when you least expect it!

Interviews are available with Robin Marshall by contacting Rita Rich at 301.404.9609 or Debra Grobman, at 323.939.8253, or, 917.405.4568.

MP3 of samples of Robin's commercial voiceover work are available upon request.


Robin Marshall is an author, media personality and inspirational speaker. She is the Production Manager for one of the largest broadcast companies, overseeing commercial production for 500 radio stations located in 110 cities throughout the US. She is also a highly regarded independent, national voiceover talent, who before recently moving to Dallas, was based in NYC with a long list of clients including Night Skin, P-Diddy's "Unforgivable Fragrances," Wal-Mart and Lexus. Robin was also an on-air personality for 20 years in NYC and continues to be the imaging voice for several radio stations from coast to coast. Since being diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, she has undergone weekly chemotherapy treatments at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas and is in full remission.

Her "Lemons to Lemonade" podcast takes you through the abhorrence of what it's like to live with Cancer, while she manages to incorporate humor as a saving grace, offering a much needed "silver lining."

Says Marshall, "When you have that Big 'C' on your baseball cap, and you step up to the plate, swing hard; smack it and just worry about getting to first base; then count on your friends to help you slide to second; muster up the energy as you steal third, and while hovering between third and home -- think of your family, and how much they mean to you. Family will always get you home."

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