September 06, 2010 07:17 ET

'Dibbing' Phenomenon Set To Revolutionise the Online Auction

Dibbing.com presents 'backwards bidding' where price goes down instead of up

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 6, 2010) - A revolutionary new auction site in which items start at their listed market price and become cheaper has been launched.

Known as 'dibbing', it works by inviting visitors to purchase credits ('dibs') at 50 pence each. A dib can be used to reveal the current price of an item. The current price is displayed for 10 seconds, whilst the dibber decides if they want the item or not. Every time an item is dibbed, the price goes down.

Half retail platform, half fun game, Dibbing.com is already proving popular with users:

"At first I was a bit sceptical" says one happy dibber, "but the system works really well. I got a digital camera at half the original price, and that was on my very first go, with the free credits I got for signing up. I couldn't believe it!"

"Knowing the prices are only getting lower makes it a really exciting experience" he continues.

Launched by Sit-Up Shopping, dibbing.com stocks a range of the latest products, from Apple iPads to Gucci handbags. Chief Executive Ian Percival had this to say:

"The launch of this online-only retail experience is an extremely exciting prospect for us, enhanced by the fact we have such an innovative and value driven concept that we are all very proud of. Dibbing.com continues our commitment to placing value for money, quality & variety of product and unrivalled customer experience at the centre of everything we do."

Visit Dibbing.com to find out more about the new online auctions craze. New registers get 3 free credits for signing up.

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