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DieselPower Products

December 06, 2011 06:00 ET

DieselPower Products: Sales Expected to Increase in After Market Products With Introduction of 2012 Volkswagen TDI Models

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2011) - DieselPower Products -

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Volkswagen's release of the 2012 diesel models including the new Beetle and Passat TDI, has experts expecting a leap in sales for the after market products industry. The German automaker's plans to expand their lineup of diesel vehicles is partly attributable to the recent temporary shortage in hybrid vehicles; however, the recent rise in diesel fuel prices paired with the overall popularity of the VW TDI models in the US, has left many TDI owners excited to buy a new car but searching for alternative solutions for fuel savings.

DieselPower®, manufacturer of one of North America's most popular modifications for diesel vehicles, has seen steadily increasing demand for their VW TDI performance and economy modules over the last six months. They anticipate that with the release of more VW TDI models in 2012, their modules will become increasingly popular. The module offers a solution to two potential challenges the VW's, and many other diesel vehicles, pose - a need for increased torque and every driver's desire for less fuel consumption.

"More and more diesel vehicle owners are realizing the multitude of benefits of after market products such as the DieselPower® module," says Joe Hafner, CEO, DieselPower®. "With the combination of increased fuel prices and the need to expand an engine's horsepower without upgrade costs, consumers are more savvy about cost-effective alternatives."

The module works to increase torque and horsepower by 25% without compromising quality or affecting any mechanical or electronic safeguard set by the vehicle's manufacturer. The module allows the engine to rev at a lower RPM, allowing for more speed and ultimately less fuel consumption.

Dealers and distributors in the US have already seen strong demand from consumers asking for ways to increase torque and fuel economy savings on their diesel trucks or cars and businesses such as Parley's Diesel Perfomance in Utah has especially seen an interest among Volkswagen TDI owners with the announcement of the automaker's 2012 lineup.

"As a major distributor of aftermarket performance upgrades for Volkswagen TDI's, we've always seen VW owners interested in more torque and increased horsepower," says Justin Phillips, Product Purchasing Manager at Parley's Diesel Performance. "DieselPower® is an affordable solution to providing more torque to a diesel vehicle and in turn helps with fuel consumption."

DieselPower® modules come complete with plug and play wiring harnesses, which plug directly into the factory style connectors without any damage or tell-tale signs. They are simple to install and uninstall and no permanent modifications are made to the factory wiring harness.

"DieselPower® is the least expensive solution to increased torque on the market," says Hafner. "As fuel prices rise, we anticipate the demand for DieselPower® will rise. Along with the release of VW's new models, we anticipate and increased demand in our modules by VW owners."

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