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September 24, 2007 14:11 ET

Diet and Exercise Program Helps Type II Diabetes Patients

Physique Transformation's Personal Food Analyst Helps Type II Diabetes Patients With a Personalized Diet and Fitness Software Program That Lets Dieters Compete With Other Members Around the Country

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) - While drugs are the treatment of choice in the medical community for controlling Type II diabetes, a new diet and fitness software program has helped some dieters eliminate their Type II diabetes symptoms entirely.

David Clymore was a Type II diabetic for 5 years before joining Physique Transformation's Personal Food Analyst (PFA) program in March 2007. He now competes in the Fitness Leagues program against other dieters around the country.

"I no longer take any medications," said Clymore. "I still have 25 pounds to go but it now seems so easy. I now feel that I am in control of my body, instead of my body controlling me."

"Six months ago, David came to us as a Type II diabetic taking 10 different medications," said Ric Rooney, founder of Physique Transformation and creator of the PFA software program. "After six months he's lost 40 pounds and, with his doctor's approval, he's been weaned off all 10 of his medications, including insulin. He no longer exhibits any Type II diabetes symptoms."

Over the past 10 years, Clymore's doctor had increased his medication usage to control his Type II diabetes. In March of 2007, he told Clymore a liver transplant was probable in his future, as the cumulative effect of the medications was taking its toll.

"David had heard about our PFA program from people in his home town of Tyler, Texas who had successfully gone through our process," said Rooney. "But fitness wasn't a priority in his life until he faced the sobering prospect of a liver transplant."

The Personal Food Analyst acts as a daily guide for correct diet and fitness decisions. Users input information about their diet and fitness activity, and receive personalized feedback to keep them on track for their fitness goals.

"A lot of people try to lose weight in a vacuum, with no support or direction," said Rooney. "To be effective, you need a specific game plan. The PFA tool is just that, a daily game plan. Add some friendly competition with Fitness Leagues and you've greatly increased the odds of success."

Clymore won the July and August Fitness Leagues games. "Everyone starts on equal footing," said Rooney. "A guy like David can be on the verge of a liver transplant, and a few months later he's the reigning singles champion of Fitness Leagues."

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