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March 30, 2017 03:00 ET

Diet Doc Asks That Consumers Beware of Expensive Diet Programs with Poor Reviews

DES MOINES, IA--(Marketwired - March 30, 2017) - Among the many fad diets that are popular this time of year, the Yoli Diet is one that seems to be garnering a lot of attention lately. The Yoli Better Body System is a product based diet that requires the purchase of expensive kits. Their 'Transformation Kit' for example, boasts natural ingredients that will boost the metabolism and accelerate fat loss, yet the supplements don't actually list what is in the product. Aside from using what Dr. Nishant Rao, Medical Director of Diet Doc claims is, "The unscientific premise that taking alkaline foods helps alkalize the body which has a slew of purported benefits." The Yoli Diet is also based on a MLM (multi-level marketing) model with network marketing as its mainstay. Essentially, the main purpose of the product is to recruit others into selling or buying their products without any proper diet and lifestyle support.

One of the many complaints about the Yoli System is that individuals have spent thousands on the program and are also obligated to sell the products to friends and family via the MLM blueprint. Reviews of the system have also been underwhelming, given that most purchasers aren't seeing weight loss results. "It's important that consumers perform proper research before embarking on new diets, particularly when it comes to buying pricey products," states Dr. Rao. "Any weight loss supplement or program without scientific studies or research to back its claims should be avoided."

Fortunately, programs such as Diet Doc offer a team of medical weight loss professionals who've researched the most effective strategies for over two decades. Diet Doc provides doctors, nurses and weight loss coaches who work with each client to determine the best ways to stimulate rapid and long-lasting weight loss. Diet Doc's affordable plans make it simple for you to lose weight no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Call today or easily and effortlessly visit Diet Doc to complete an initial comprehensive, yet simple, health questionnaire and schedule an immediate personal, no-cost consultation. Diet Doc Physicians all received specialized training in nutritional science and fast weight loss. Diet Doc reviews each patient's health history to create a personalized diet plan geared for fast weight loss, or that addresses life-long issues causing weight loss to slow down or stop. Nutritionists work personally with each patient and use their own algorithm to craft meal and snack plans that are compatible with each patient's age, gender, activity level, food preferences, nutritional needs and medical conditions. They combine these state of the art diet plans with pure, prescription diet products that enable their patients to resist the temptation to reach for sugary snacks, eliminate fatigue and curb the appetite. Over 97% of Diet Doc patients report incredible weight loss results with the majority losing 20 or more pounds per month.

At Diet Doc, all patients gain unlimited access to the best minds in the business. Their staff of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches are available 6 days per week to answer questions, offer suggestions, address concerns and lend their professional guidance and support. Because of this, more and more people are turning to Diet Doc for their weight management needs. Diet plans are tailored to be specific to the needs of those of any age, gender, shape or size and for those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more. Call today to request a private, confidential, no-cost online consultation.

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