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August 24, 2016 01:00 ET

Diet Doc Enables Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Without Extreme Solutions Like the hCG Diet

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - August 24, 2016) - With the American obesity epidemic continuing, weight loss is a rising concern. More than 35% of Americans are obese and more than two-thirds battle excessive weight gain or obesity. This has led to a prevalence of health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. Weight loss programs and diet aids, as a result, are in high demand. However, not all diets are beneficial or reliable, particularly without doctor supervision. Some diets, such as the hCG diet, can be confusing and often dangerous.

The hCG diet is based on the theory that combining low doses of hCG, a hormone naturally produced by women during pregnancy, with extremely low caloric intake, would generate rapid weight loss. The hCG diet was created in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons and thought to burn "abnormal" fat, which is located in cells and around internal organs. Although many hCG diet patients noticed rapid weight loss, most also suffered side effects that compromised their daily activities and posed long-term health risks. Because the original hCG diet involves consuming no more than 500 calories per day, many patients found themselves weak and exhausted. Many also suffered from severe hair and muscle loss.

Over the last several decades, the original formula has been modified and experimented upon. Now, hCG drops as well as injections are available as "weight loss aids." However, according to Diet Doc's resident medical professional, Dr. Nishant Rao, prescription hCG drops technically contain the same medication as what's used in the prescription injections but a big difference lies in the reliability of absorption. When it comes to weight loss, hCG injections may be more effective than hCG drops hCG injections are typically done subcutaneously, into the belly fat. Because the hormone is fat soluble, it readily disperses through the body and patients always get the intended dose because the absorption rate is 100% due to the nature of the injections.

With hCG drops, the absorption rate varies greatly from person to person and even time to time for the same individual. This makes it less reliable because being certain about the effective dose for a given patient to guarantee absorption is challenging. If any of the liquid drops are stalled, they are rendered ineffective due to stomach acid.

Therefore, according to Dr. Rao, although hCG drop and injections technically offer the same medication, the injections:

  • Deliver 100% of the intended dose
  • Allow for much more precise dosing
  • Enable finer incremental dose adjustments to suit every patient's individual needs

Regardless of this, hCG drops and injections can result in lots of negative side effects and should not be relied on, particularly without consulting a doctor. Diet Doc, a nationally recognized weight loss company, has dedicated decades of scientific research into refining diet aids to offer their patients safer, healthier and more effective method for fast weight loss without adverse side effects. With thorough research, Diet Doc's medical experts have determined solutions that are far more reliable and beneficial than hCG-related methods, no matter how popular hCG may be. Diet Doc continuously urges patients to make safe and informed decisions based on scientific research and doctor consultation.

Diet Doc programs and aids have alleviated issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure and hypertension through healthy weight loss. With a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and motivational coaches, Diet Doc helps patients curb hunger and lose weight fast. In fact, more than 90% of Diet Doc patients lose 20 or more pounds every month.

Getting started with Diet Doc is very simple and affordable. New patients can easily visit to quickly complete a health questionnaire and schedule an immediate, free online consultation.

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