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December 17, 2016 01:00 ET

Diet Doc Offers Powerful Sermorelin Therapy for Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

ANCHORAGE, AK--(Marketwired - December 17, 2016) - As we get older, our bodies undergo changes that affect many of our organs, bodily functions, and ability to regulate weight. One of the major effects involves considerably decreased or ineffective hormone production. Through aging, men gradually lose testosterone while women experience reduced estradiol and estrogen-related hormones, often during or after menopause. Sexual difficulties, muscle loss, lowered energy, and excessive weight gain are common as well.

While there is no permanent solution for aging, there are products that can slow the process or ease the symptoms. One of the best solutions in the market is the hormone sermorelin, which helps the pituitary gland secrete HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to alleviate symptoms of aging. While other options like growth hormone replacement therapy (GHRT) using recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) are available, research supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that sermorelin therapy is an easier and more effective alternative.

Diet Doc, a nationally recognized weight loss center, offers doctor-facilitated sermorelin therapy to promote anti-aging. In general, sermorelin therapy has been linked to increased levels of IGF-1, an insulin like growth factor, as well as the following benefits:

  • Leaner body mass and body fat reduction
  • Increased energy, strength, and endurance
  • Improved healing from wounds or surgery
  • Better cardiovascular and immune function
  • Improved pancreatic and liver function
  • Increased skin and bone density
  • Better sleep quality, protein synthesis and collagen production

At Diet Doc, sermorelin therapy involves an added peptide, Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide (GHRP) 2 or 6, that promotes faster results. The therapy is available in injection form and prescribed by a doctor. Sermorelin GHRP 6 is designed for men who want anti-aging effects like boosted metabolism, decreased body fat and increased muscle mass in less time through diet and exercise alone. Sermorelin GHRP 2 is for both men and women who want to pursue fat burning and anti-aging while promoting a leaner body and increased body mass. Overall, sermorelin therapy offers various options for all body types and has been effective for individuals with a variety of nutritional needs.

Whether one is pursuing weight loss or the other anti-aging benefits that sermorelin therapy offers, patients at Diet Doc can get started immediately. Diet Doc programs offer a doctor-supervised diet plan and guidance for life. More than 90% of Diet Doc patients lose 20 or more pounds every month and maintain weight loss with an easy-to-follow, doctor-prescribed diet.

With a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and motivational coaches, Diet Doc products help individuals lose weight fast and keep it off. Patients can get started immediately, with materials shipped directly to their home or office. They can also maintain weight loss in the long-term through weekly consultations, customized diet plans, motivational coaches and a powerful prescription program. With Diet Doc, the doctor is only a short phone call away and a fully dedicated team of qualified professionals is available 6 days per week to answer questions, address concerns and support patients.

Getting started with Diet Doc is very simple and affordable. New patients can easily visit to quickly complete a health questionnaire and schedule an immediate, free online consultation.

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