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February 23, 2017 01:00 ET

Diet Doc Reminds Consumers that the hCG Diet is not a Viable Weight Loss Strategy

WESTON, WV--(Marketwired - February 23, 2017) - The physicians and researchers at Diet Doc medical weight loss are urging consumers to choose wisely when it comes to weight loss strategies this year. Certain diets are gaining popularity due to an enormous internet presence, which leaves little room for proven, researched based weight loss strategies. This can lead many individuals to make unsafe dietary choices simply because a fad has allegedly produced satisfactory results for other dieters. The hGG diet is a prime example of this. Produced during pregnancy, the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) is purported to stimulate weight loss in conjunction with a calorie restrictive diet plan (only 500 calories per day are to be consumed). Supporters claim that HCG injections, drops or tablets target and eliminate long-stored fat reserves within the body. Over the past few years, the marketing and promotion of the hCG diet for weight loss have grown astronomically on the internet and the vast majority of the information on hCG and its corresponding products offered online are designed to confuse and make profit from an unknowing public. The truth, is that the medical industry has never supported the hCG diet. In fact, since its emergence in the 1950s, it still has yet to be deemed effective, or safe by any reputable medical organization.

Consuming a mere 500 calories per day can lead to health problems and since hCG isn't FDA regulated, most online retailers are selling products that contain little to no hCG. Therefore, any quick weight loss that occurs from the hCG diet is due to starvation dieting. There are claims that hCG is a permanent cure for obesity and that patients who on the hCG diet are losing two pounds of fat per day. However, any legitimate weight loss expert knows that starvation dieting is dangerous and can cause more harm than good. Rapid muscle loss, excessive bloating, binge eating, weight rebounds, poor nutrition and low-energy are just a few of the potentially negative side effects of such diets. Lastly, many existing websites claim that hCG permanently resets the metabolism. But experts suggest that any method one utilizes to lose weight, whether it be diet, exercise or gastric bypass surgery, once the weight is off long-term, a consistent weight maintenance regimen must be implemented to keep the weight and health in check.

Diet Doc wants consumers to know that there are in fact, many other safer dieting strategies for weight loss which are more effective than the severely restricted diet. The best options will be those which offer nutritional support and doctor supervision throughout the process. Dr. Rao, Medical Director of Diet Doc states that, "Weight loss goals can be met by the development of specific nutrition plans, dietary supplements and guidance to ensure that body composition changes are optimal for each individual." Diet Doc also offers their clients unlimited access to nutritional coaches and weight loss experts by phone, which means no traveling to weight loss centers for weigh-ins and prescription pickups. Dedicated patients can follow Diet Doc's guidance and start safely losing up to 20 pounds per month.

New patients can get started immediately, with materials shipped directly to their home or office. They can also maintain weight loss in the long-term through weekly consultations, customized diet plans, motivational coaches and a powerful prescription program. With Diet Doc, the doctor is only a short phone call away and a fully dedicated team of qualified professionals is available six days per week to answer questions, address concerns and support patients.

Getting started with Diet Doc is very simple and affordable. New patients can easily visit to quickly complete a health questionnaire and schedule an immediate, free online consultation.

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